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Interview with Seeing Verity (and Giveaway)

Interview with Seeing Verity (and Giveaway)

By Wisdom Moon on December 03, 2013

I recently had the opportunity to interview Worship Writers Network members: Seeing Verity - a worship band based out of Sydney, Australia. Enjoy!

How did you guys meet?

We all met more than 10 years ago at our local church when we started playing together in our youth worship team. Over time, we also started ministering together outside of youth, which is how Seeing Verity came into existence.

Tell us how you guys came up with the name of the band.

The band name is a play on words: Verity is translated from latin word veritas, meaning "truth". When people see us and hear our music, we want them to see and hear the truth of the message, which is all about God.

How are you currently serving in the local church?

Jasmine and I (James) are elders and worship directors / worship leaders at our local church in Sydney, while Chris drums for his worship team.

What is God currently speaking to you about worship leading?

Always be prepared for God to do something that you are not expecting, and practice your craft so that when He moves, you are able to move in step. As a result, I have been enjoying the moments of incredible spontaneous worship that are happening in our services!

You guys have a new album out, called Limitless. What is the overall theme of the album and what do you hope the listener takes away from the it?

The overall theme of the album is the miraculous nature of God, and His incredible love and faithfulness towards us.

It starts with "God Of The Incredible", which reflects on the creative power that He exercises through His word, while songs like "Oh, The Love Of Jesus" and the album titled song, "Limitless", speak about the love He pours out over us.

We intentionally included instrumental moments throughout the album to allow for the listener to experience and engage in a fresh encounter with God, even without prescribed lyrics. Through this, we hope the listener can reflect on the amazing ways God works and interacts with us and through us.

Could you share the story behind the song "God of the Incredible"?

God Of The Incredible was inspired by the passage in Ephesians 3:20 (MSG):

"God can do anything, you know—far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams!"

We had just commenced a church-wide series of the book of Ephesians and while Jas was reading this passage in her personal time, the passage leapt out of the page. That single sentence prompted thoughts about the mind-blowing, awe-inspiring things God has done in the past, as revealed in the Bible, and the incredible things He continues to do today. This Scripture became the foundation of the song and naturally, was the perfect fit as the opening lyrics for "God Of The Incredible".

What was your favorite part of making this album?

I remember sitting in the control room whilst Jas was singing the end of "God of the Incredible". We had already done a few takes, and this was the last run just to see if we could get something else to choose from when it came time to do the editing. Jas was singing the final line and went to a place in the song that me and our engineer had not heard before. In that moment, we both looked at each other, and knew that was it; it summed up our passion for the song and how infinitely magnificent God is.

What’s most rewarding about songwriting for you, and what challenges you?

The most rewarding part of songwriting is seeing the effect our songs have on the people that are joining with us in worship; to see the longing, the yearning, the joy and the heartfelt response to what God is doing in their life at that moment. It makes the song come alive for me. While songs are meant to be sung, worship songs are meant to be experienced in the presence of God.

The challenges for us as a husband and wife songwriting team is that when we are on "it", the songwriting is really easy. When we are not in sync, it's very easy to get on each other's nerves! But thankfully, God is still working on us and it's getting easier as we get older, wiser and more in tune with God.

How can our readers connect with you and check out your music?

The easiest way to connect with us is via our website, seeingverity.com, where readers can listen to the songs and download free chord / lyric sheets. We are also on Facebook at facebook.com/seeingverity

Thanks for taking the time to share with us! 

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