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Into The Glorious, Christy Nockels - Album Review

Into The Glorious, Christy Nockels - Album Review

By Ed Rotheram on April 03, 2012

Christy Nockels will be a name and a voice already familiar to many of you - she has been an ever present on the Passion series of albums for a number of years. Returning to the studio to release her second solo album Into the Glorious, Christy has had the opportunity to show a somewhat more personal side to her worship. Let’s take a closer look.

Opening with the album’s clear standout track is the first single release “Ever Lifting”. With a catchy picked banjo riff in the intro (which actually forms the melody for the chorus), pulsating drums, and an overall feeling of energy, this track certainly lives up to the title. This is a song where the production genius that is Christy’s husband Nathan comes to the fore - the song is made by the sublime overlaying of several textures and layers, all fitting seamlessly together to produce a great opener to the album.

The title track (“Into the Glorious”) resonates with me as being more Christy’s “natural style” - a beautiful piano part sits perfectly under Christy’s melodic vocal line, and there is much more of a “live”, uplifting feel. The transfer from minor to major keys from the verse to the chorus gives it a particular lift, and really captures the idea of coming out of darkness and into light. Listen to this while reading 2 Corinthians 3:18 - where Paul speaks of us being transformed from one degree of glory to the next - it puts it in a whole new light.

Christy includes new versions of a couple of the songs from Passion albums on this offering, and the first one we come across is “Waiting Here For You”. In a way, comparing a version of a song from a live rendition (very much in a live worship context) to a studio version could be seen as unfair. One thing I do feel that is valid in this case however is the “progressive” nature of the song, and how that comes out in both the live and studio versions. By the very nature of the song, we are waiting expectantly for the Lord’s presence - to be transformed by the wonder of Him, and to be changed by encountering Him in worship. This is an aspect of the concept of the song that, I feel, has not been played out to the extent it could have been in the studio version - the lift just isn’t there for me.

“Sing Along” is a great example of how to bring the feel of a great live worship song back into the studio. Those of you who have already picked up Passion’s latest release White Flag will already be familiar with this song - a song that displays the unity we have in Him and His love for us and the world in which we live. The idea of joining with His and Heaven’s song, and having His song fill the earth with His heart and hope is really moving. This is a great example of how production doesn’t need to be overly heavy for a song to have energy, passion and drive - for most of the song the backing is very stripped back - it is only really for the last chorus that overdriven guitars and full kit come in. A particularly nice touch is the children’s choir at the end - it finishes the song wonderfully.

As a whole, this album definitely has something to offer the worshipper - the songs mentioned, along with the likes of “Healing is in Your Hands” and “How I Love You” will find their way into many a worship leader’s Sunday repertoire. I’m happy to give this 4 stars - on the strength of the production and the songwriting, however I feel it definitely had something more to offer.

-Review by Ed Rotheram

(album provided by EMI)

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