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Jesus Culture "Come Away" - CD Review

By Mandy Thompson, Wisdom Moon on November 22, 2010

Mandy Thompson and Wisdom Moon both wrote a review of Come Away by Jesus Culture. The album released today and is available on iTunes.


I recently heard that if Jesus Culture picks up a song soon the whole world will know it. With a handful of songwriters in the credits of their songs, I anticipate that the same is true for many featured on their latest album. Come Away is a beautiful blend of dramatic ballads and rocking pop songs, all lifting your soul to the presence of God.

A few songs that caught my attention:

-Misty Edwards' "My Soul Longs For You." I'm so glad they put this on the album. It uses the dramatic metaphor of God coming like the rain. And the song cries "Let It Rain! Let It Rain!" with passion and fervency. It's a powerful song to use in worship.

-"Freedom Reigns," by Michael Larson, follows "My Soul Longs For You" and there's something about it that pulled me in on first listen. We love to sing songs based on 2 Cor 3:17, but this one encourages listeners with something new: "If you're tired & thirsty, there is freedom."

-"One Thing Remains" caught my ear before the first word was sung. I could tell this song was going somewhere dynamic and inspiring. It didn't let me down. The song contrasts God's love with difficulties in life. I anticipate this song will be sung by many.



It is always exciting for me when I hear that there is a new Jesus Culture project underway. So much of today's worship projects sound alike, so I'm always on the lookout for an album (like many of Jesus Culture's) that not only has songs that are corporate worship friendly, but have a unique sound.

Jesus Culture's new album, Come Away, is that perfect combination. The passion and desperation for more of God clearly comes through in this live recording. The album contains songs that are not just great for corporate worship, but for personal worship times.

Featuring the songs and vocal talents of Jesus Culture worship leaders Chris Quilala, Kim Walker-Smith and the full Jesus Culture band, this album was recorded live at the Jesus Culture Encounter Conference in Redding, CA earlier this year with a full house of passionate youth and young adults.

Some of the songs that stood out to me are:

Track 5: "My Soul Longs For You" - I'm very familiar with the live version done by Misty Edwards, the writer of this song, but I have to say I am liking this version better.

Track 7: "Let It Rain" - This is one of my favorite songs of all time, and written by a friend of mine - Michael Farren of Pocket Full of Rocks. A very simple, yet powerful song. Every time I listen to it, a hunger is stirred inside of me.

Track 9: "Show Me Your Glory" - Another song that stirs my soul. That's what I love about Jesus Culture's albums; they pick songs that stir up a hunger for Jesus. They don't settle for radio-friendly songs.

Come Away is not just another worship album; it is an experience that beckons you to engage. It’s a continuous flow of powerful worship that draws you to a fresh new encounter with God.


Track List:

01. Come Away

02. Rooftops

03. You Are My Passion

04. I Want To Know You

05. My Soul Longs For You

06. Freedom Reigns

07. Let It Rain

08. Mighty Breath of God

09. Show Me Your Glory

10. One Thing Remains

Come Away (Deluxe Edition) - Jesus Culture

We'd love for you to share your thoughts in the comments section. And, if you missed it last week, we are giving away two copies of this CD/DVD combo HERE. Deadline is approaching, so hurry!

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Wisdom Moon

Wisdom Moon

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