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Joel Auge - Invisible Things CD Review

By Admin on September 05, 2010

From the very beginning Joel Auge’s Invisible Things is novel, without treading into garish or contrived. It strikes a unique blend of artistry and approachability. Auge’s vocals evoke bits of Band of Horses, Sufjan Stevens and--to my particular liking--Bon Iver (primarily in the song “You and Your Things”, which incidentally, I could listen to on repeat for approximately 5 years before I began to tire of it).

“Be Lifted”, the opening track, is lyrically quite simple, but delivers foundational theology (“You came to rescue and redeem / We rejoice because You came to save our lives / Be lifted”), and in my opinion is a perfect congregational song to begin a worship service.

The song entitled “OK” could well have been called “Brilliant”. It has a whimsical tenor to it that isn’t often explored in the worship genre (making use of harps, bells, and what sounds like drum sticks on a counter-top!). Auge displays his vocal prowess on this track by keeping predominantly in falsetto.

“Show Your Love”. This one is interesting to me. It sounds like Jason Mraz and Ringo Starr ran full-speed at one another and this song was the result. Perfect pop melody with what I believe to be a tuba playing in the background. But again, pulling no theological punches.

And I think Thom Yorke, Philip Selway and Jonny Greenwood snuck in a track by the name of “Reach Out”. I’m not complaining though. I’d be thrilled to see more of that in Joel’s future releases.

Congregational Songs: “”Be Lifted”, You Found Me”, “Here To Love” & “Save Me”.

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