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Laura Story "Blessings" - CD Review

By Ed Rotheram on April 26, 2011

Since the first time I heard Laura Story several years back, I have been struck by the honesty of her songs and her worship in general. Singing from the heart, her songs describe a God she is head-over-heels in love with, a God she wants to get to know better,  a God that loves the world unconditionally, and this approach continues in her new album - Blessings.

Her latest offering, produced by Passion producer Nathan Nockels, opens with a lively praise chorus - proclaiming “This is the day of my salvation, I will rejoice with a song of praise”. A heavily produced track with a strong guitar-led ensemble of a few guitars, bass, drums and a heavy synth section, Laura’s passionate vocal lines cut through the mix, creating a stirring anthem worthy of starting any worship set.

There is something quite remarkable about Laura’s lyrics. I’ve been to seminar after seminar teaching on singing the scriptures, using them as a starting point for aspiring songwriters (including myself). Rarely is it sung and interpreted in quite the way that Laura manages it - scripture passages you may have just scanned through come alive through her worship. Take her depiction of the story of the Prodigal Son (Luke 15) in the Prodigal Song - her focus on the father’s loss is brought to the fore in a captivatingly descriptive song. The bridge is particularly evocative of a father who won’t rest while the son is away, longing for his love and swift return to His arms.

The nature of the lyrical content is something to behold in the title track. When trials and tribulations come in life it can be hard to accept blessing as something that the Lord is freely handing out. This song addresses these doubts, turning the situation (as the Lord quite often does) on it’s head, and instead of asking why things are hard, we just start to look harder for the blessings, asking more questions: What if tears are meant to bring healing, if raindrops bring blessing, and what if we can receive his mercies from all that seems challenging to us? In a stunningly beautiful piano-led piece, Laura and Jason Sears  (keys and backing vocals) take us to a place where this blessing in hard times is conceivable, where the presence of the Lord reigns, where there’s a place of freedom in Him.

This CD encapsulates everything that is great about worship music coming out at the moment - it has beautiful songs, subtle arrangements and heartfelt lyrics, all designed for the one goal of bringing the worshipper closer to the Lord.

-Review by Ed Rotheram

(review CD provided by INO Records)

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