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Leading Spontaenous Worship Part 1

By Wisdom Moon on May 19, 2009

Author: Wisdom Moon

I know not everyone is familiar with what spontaneous worship is. However, it's pretty self-explanatory. First, let me define "worship" in the context that I'm using it here. By "worship" I am referring to the music and singing segment of the church service.

One dictionary defines the word "spontaneous" as: arising from a momentary impulse or controlled and directed internally. Spontaneous worship is basically singing something new, something not written, on the spot. In some ways it's similar to rappers doing free style. Spontaneous worship is used widely by worship leaders of all denominations, but it plays a significant role in worship times of charismatic churches.


I first saw what spontaneous worship was at a church I started attending back in high school. At the end of one of the slower songs the worship pastor would start singing something spontaneously. Then, the other singers would also start singing, but not necessarily the same words. I also saw people in the congregation singing out spontaneously. At first it sounded chaotic.

As I got more immersed into what is now known as modern worship, I saw people like Matt Redman, Delirious?, and Darrell Evans utilize spontaneous worship in their recordings as well as in live settings.

I got real interested in this facet of worship and started testing it out as I led worship in youth group. People responded well and gave me a lot of positive feedback.

In part 2 of this article, I'll share some thoughts on how to incorporate spontaneous worship when you lead your congregation without it becoming a distraction.

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Wisdom Moon

Wisdom Moon

Wisdom is a husband, father, worship leader, songwriter, and Founder/CEO of All About Worship. He was born in South Korea, but spent most of his life in Silicon Valley (California), and currently resides in Nashville, TN with his wife and three kids. Wisdom has been involved in worship ministry for over 20 years. For more about Wisdom, visit WisdomMoon.com