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By Garner McGregor on October 02, 2018

I’ve been involved with ministry since I was a baby . . . literally. My family moved to the USA from Johannesburg, South Africa at the end of 1986 to be missionaries here in the States. I was born a couple months later in Texas. So from the time I was born, I’ve been ministering alongside my family. I’ve seen the good and the bad. People will tend to focus on the bad, but I’m somewhat of an eternal optimist. I believe that good can be found in most situations.

One of the critical things I’ve learned in my life is the power of listening. A lot of people will “listen” to people talk, but are just waiting for a chance to say what’s on their mind. I realized I was like this when I first got married. My wife, who is amazing, would share something that was on her heart. I would “listen” until I got a moment to give my “spiritual” insight. Or what I thought was insight. There were times where I would say things that only made things worse. She would say that I wasn’t really listening. It got to the point where I was so frustrated by that phrase that I would just be quiet and listen.

I started to listen intently anytime she had something to share. Then I would wait and let her know that I truly did hear her. This mindset has helped me even with being a Worship Pastor. My wife and I lead the Young Adults group at my church. Young adults are my favorite age group. Most of them are either going into college or leaving college and entering the real world for the first time. There have been times when they’ve brought personal issues to me and my wife. We’ve found it to be incredibly effective to truly listen and not just wait to insert our “point.” Once we’re able to truly hear the heart of the situation, we are then able to speak life into it.

Let the wise listen and add to their learning, and let the discerning get guidance.  - Proverbs 1:5

This might seem like a simple thing, but the application of it is incredibly fruitful. Whether you’re dealing with a spouse or church members or friends, heed these words. Doing so shows that we sincerely care. It shows an authenticity not found easily.

This is also a powerful way to pray. It’s so easy to feel like we have to always have words coming out of our mouths when we pray. Sometimes we just need to listen. Listen for what the Lord is saying. Listen and meditate on his word.

So let’s take time this week, whether we’re in our cars, our homes, or whatever and just take time to listen. Listen to what the Lord is saying. Listen to what your kids, spouse, church family are saying. Take the time to show you care and find out what’s on their hearts.

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Garner McGregor

Garner McGregor

Garner McGregor is the Worship Pastor at Harvest Church of Murfreesboro, as well as Music Director for Here Be Lions. He is married to his wife, Jennifer, and they have a wonderful little boy, Abishai. Garner is a signed songwriter with the Rain Collective and has a passion for equipping and raising up other worship leaders and songwriters.