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Manly Worship - Live Roundtable Discussion

By Admin on September 22, 2009

Most of us know that there is a higher percentage of women in church today than men. There are many theories behind this, but could the music have something to do with it? Are the worship songs we sing today too feminine and not manly enough?

Guys, do you sometimes feel awkward singing touchy, feely worship songs?

Do you feel there aren't enough worship songs that men can relate to?

Join us as we discuss the topic of "Manly Worship" in a roundtable discussion. The folks around the table will be: Ben Abu Saada, Wisdom Moon, Fred McKinnon, Mandy Thompson, and Troy Kennedy. We invite you to join us live next Tuesday, September 29 @ 9pm Central on Talkshoe and take part in this discussion...a special edition of the podcast.

As you think about this topic check out this video interview of Matt Redman: "Worship Songs Aren't For The Blokes".


Also, you should check out this blog post - "How He Loves, David Crowder, and Sloppy Wet Kisses" - by John Mark McMillan, the writer of the song "How He Loves". He talks about the line that David Crowder Band changed in their version - "sloppy wet kiss" to "unforseen kiss".

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