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Marthe De La Torre - Preludes [Review]

Marthe De La Torre - Preludes [Review]

By Chris Olson on September 26, 2013

Marthe De La Torre is a Norwegian native who loves to worship the Lord. Or you could call her a Los Angeles artist who loves to write songs to the Lord. Both would be correct! She also happens to be a talented songwriter and recording artist who has just released her debut worship album, Preludes.  

This album is exciting because it breaks the mold of the traditional contemporary worship album that we so often hear. Featuring a wide range of textures and sounds, grooves and beats, this album is a “head bobber” for sure. With a distinct Hip-Hop/R&B/Pop thread weaving throughout, the listener is treated to some wonderfully worshipful lyrics set to an energetic and dynamic soundtrack.

One highlight from this album is Marthe’s first single, “Only You Are Holy.” High energy and a moving and catching melody hook you in, while strong lyrics present a compelling story that calls us to worship: “No one’s closer, no one’s nearer; loving Father, my heart’s healer. Passionately You have saved us, forever we will sing!” This is one of those songs that does a great job of combining a “move yourself” music arrangement and strong worshipful lyrics.

Bringing in a slightly more mellow vibe, driven by piano and acoustic guitar, “Hallelujah” is Marthe’s second single off this record, and rightfully so. Again, we are provided a very singable, extremely memorable melody. Dynamically, the acoustic instruments are offset nicely by a string of synth tones, which adds a nice contrast to the overall feel of the song. The bridge is a nice breakdown, featuring a simple but effective acoustic guitar line, which then builds into a crescendo, crying out “Holy!” over and over again.

Another standout track to note is “Greatest Sacrifice.” Another solid piano line sets the base for this song, providing nice movement under the vocal melody. This is one of those songs that elicits a reaction due to the emotion conveyed in the vocals. This is especially true when Edward Rivera jumps in on the second verse. Marthe’s vocal performance is stellar – pristine, dynamic, emotive. And Edward matches this performance as well, but with a little different vocal treatment. The combination really is brilliant, and the melody of the song fits both vocalists very well.

It’s always nice to stumble upon a worship record that doesn’t sound exactly like the other records out right now. The blending of acoustic and electronic instrumentation is well balanced, the production quality is solid, and the varying vibes of the songs really do provide a dynamic worship experience. Add to that lyrics that convey wonderful worship truths and a singable melody, and many of these songs could find their home in a congregation near you. Marthe is a relative newcomer, and she is introducing herself with a bang.

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Chris Olson

Chris Olson

Chris has been involved in worship ministry in some way for over 20 years, ranging from worship team guitarist/bassist/drummer to staff worship pastor. Chris presently serves as one of the worship leaders at Grace Church in Overland Park, KS, and is also a songwriter with a passion to write songs for the local church.  Chris married WAY up when his wife Rachel said “I do,” and they have two awesomely awesome kids, Aedan and Caitlin.