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Matt McCoy: Shine - Review

Matt McCoy: Shine - Review

By Barry Westman on May 27, 2013

Singer/Songwriter/Worship Leader Matt McCoy’s latest release is an EP called Shine, featuring five original worship songs.  Matt has previously released two full-length albums, and has served as a worship leader at both Willow Creek Community Church and Harvest Bible Chapel in Chicago.  He also is the founder of LoopCommunity.com, a loop/click track resource community for worship leaders and churches recently featured in an interview here on All About Worship.

Shine kicks off with the title track, an upbeat song of praise that would work perfectly at the start of a service, celebrating the truth that He is the light shining in our hearts, and also a challenge for us to shine that light in this dark world.  It’s a guitar-driven, hand-clapping opening chorus of praise.  That’s followed by another up-tempo anthem called “People Of God”, another vertical song for the church, as are all of the songs on this EP. This song celebrates the redeeming work of Christ that has called the church out of darkness and into the light. It’s a response of praise that we can sing to Him for what He has done.

Even more powerful, though, are the two slower songs on the EP, “Only You” and “Your Name”.  The simple song “Only You”, with its sparse band arrangement, electric guitar lead parts, and prominent vocal harmonies builds during the bridge in a soaring declaration about the supremacy of Jesus Christ - there is no one greater.  Finally, “Your Name”, my favorite of the five tracks, is a song lifting high the name of our Savior. The chorus says “Your name is strong enough to save; Death could not contain the power of Your name.”

Shine is definitely an EP that worship leaders will want to pick up. As a bonus, Matt has made the chord charts and click tracks for all of these songs available on his website for free.  All five of these songs can easily be learned by bands and congregations alike with simple guitar-friendly chord structures, singable melodies and vertical lyrics that fuel our hearts to worship Him.

Disclosure: A copy of this album was provided by the record label or artist for review purposes. 

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Barry Westman

Barry Westman

Barry has served in worship ministry for 20 years, currently serving as Worship Pastor at Bethel Baptist Church in Janesville, Wisconsin. He was born and raised in Minnesota, husband to Tina, and father to three beautiful children - Chad, Emily and Olivia. He usually leads worship from the keyboard and loves to play board games!