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Matt Redman, Sing Like Never Before - Review

Matt Redman, Sing Like Never Before - Review

By Ed Rotheram on November 18, 2012

Has there ever been a more apt title for an album? Matt Redman’s Sing Like Never Before  album, releasing on 11/20/12, is like no other “Best of” album I’ve encountered - I sat down to write down my thoughts on the release and for the first few tracks had my eyes tight shut in worship. There is no let-up in this praise to God, it’s incredibly powerful. I could easily stop there, and just let you buy the album now, but first, I’ll write a couple of thoughts.

As has become somewhat customary with “Best Of” albums, we find a couple of new versions of some old favorites on here. Of particular note is the new version of “Better is One Day” - the introduction has been given the “epic” treatment - with deep strings, crashing drums and a soaring vocal melody. This comes down nicely to a stripped-back verse, before launching into an upbeat, lively chorus. This has a largely similar feel to the previous track, also an update of a somewhat more recent classic - “Our God”. Again, the use of texture in production is of the highest order.

In addition to these updated versions of songs, we find a brand new one. “Love So High” depicts the crucifixion of Jesus with a beautiful, poetic tone - descriptive verses and an all-encompassing anthemic chorus bring out the best qualities of Matt’s songwriting. You’re going to want to get this one into your churches. Close your eyes for a while and put this on repeat - I did, and it really spoke to me.

The thing that strikes me most about this album is the sheer concentration of great, Spirit-filled songs that Matt has produced. Matt has a real gift for teaching the scriptures through song, and this album brings together some of his best work. We have songs to cover many seasons here - times of joy and praise ("10,000 Reasons", "Our God"), times of praise in hard times ("Blessed Be Your Name", "You Never Let Go"), reflective songs ("Never Once", "Love So High"), and descriptive songs about where we are with God ("The Heart of Worship", "The Father’s Song"). Whatever you’re going through, however you feel Your relationship with God is going, or whatever your circumstances, there is a song for you on this album. I pray you find it, and that it blesses you as it has me.

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