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MercyMe - Welcome To The New [Review]

MercyMe - Welcome To The New [Review]

By Jolie Ozbun on April 08, 2014

We, as Christians, are sometimes referred to as the "frozen chosen," but it's high time we get our "groove" on with MercyMe's brand-new album Welcome to the New releasing on April 8, 2014.  You may have already heard of "Shake," their first single from the album which was an instant success on the radio, or seen the video with over 200,000 views within a week of its debut. You will be pleasantly surprised as lead singer, Bart Millard, takes us into another dimension of himself with an edgier sound that stretches him vocally.

Also adding to the hype behind Welcome To The New is a unique blend of fresh, new sounds from the band developed by a mastery production of David Garcia and Ben Glover, truly a match made in heaven. The album has a new twist on the age-old message of grace which calls believers to act on their new-found realization by embracing everything that embodies God's gift of grace.

The first song on the album Welcome To The New sets the tone with the lyrics, "Look at you findin' your groove, 'cause you're worth it."  This message forces us to take a good hard look at the insecurity we place on ourselves that is unfounded when we look at what Christ has done for us.  

The song "You Gotta Let Go" lets us know that we have "freedom in Christ", and when we look in the mirror we don't see what we once were, but a brand new person "lookin' back at you"-a new creation in Christ.  Christ's living waters are flowing through us when we accept Jesus into our hearts; we become a brand new creature, and for some of us, this concept is such a breakthrough depending on what we've come out of.  We no longer live "in chains" when we have Christ inside of us.  

The next song on the album, "Shake," has a way of getting you up out of your seat whether you like to shimmy, wiggle, or bust a move like no other song does. With the songs "Finish What He Started,” "Flawless,” and "New Lease On Life,” we see the recurring theme that because of God's amazing grace in us, we are being made into His image. As Bart put it, "His [God's] promise is as good as done."

It bears pointing out that the last song on the album, "Dear Younger Me," affects Millard the most personally. He says, "It was written as a letter to my younger self." After having experienced some physical abuse as a child, Bart feels strongly that this song will encourage those who have been through similar things. With healing words like, "You are holy/you are righteous; you are one of the redeemed/set apart/a brand new heart/you are free indeed" it is sure to speak directly into the hearts of many who are still hurting.

The band members (Nathan Cochran on bass, Michael John Scheuchzer and Barry Graul on guitars, and Robin Troy "Robby" Schaffer on drums) share in the spectacular, high-energy, instrumental quality of the album. MercyMe, the three time Grammy nominees who have been around the Praise & Worship scene since 1994 have revamped their musical quality with a heavier, upfront percussion including over 100 tracks of vocals being laid down to embellish this new flavor.

"You Gotta Let Go" has all the feel of a heavy-metal rock band with a rockin' electric guitar solo and a kickin' bass drum, including great background vocals, I might add. Then, songs like "Wishful Thinking"  take us into a more soulful atmosphere with an organ opener, and "Greater" has a  heavy folk-style influence including a banjo. Overall, I like the chant-like, singable melodies of many of the songs, backed up by easy to follow clapping and snapping fill-ins that really get you into the music. I could go on, but you will most definitely be pleased by the masterful production that went into this album, as well as the awesome musical quality that it has to offer.

MercyMe fans will not be disappointed with their newest project, Welcome To The New. We all may even feel like we're hearing this band for the very first time with their brand new groove that's sure to get you on your feet. And after listening to this album you can't help but take a deep look inside yourself, keeping in mind that there is a change taking place when we start looking at ourselves from God's perspective.

Disclosure: A copy of this album was provided by the record label or artist for review purposes. The iTunes widget above is a part of an affiliate program. If you purchase the album through the widget, a small percentage of the sale will benefit All About Worship.

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Jolie Ozbun

Jolie Ozbun

Jolie has served in the church most of her life performing in worship teams, at church retreats and conferences. She has also served as a youth Sunday school teacher and a children's/youth choir leader.  She has ministered outside the church for Save-A-Life as a music leader and counselor, and has performed for nursing homes, shelters, and other churches. She earned her degree in English with a minor in music from Bob Jones University. Currently, she works as an adult reading teacher, and spends her spare time singing, songwriting, playing guitar, and enjoying family. She lives in Tallahassee, Florida with her husband Greg and their three children.