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Michael W. Smith - Sovereign [Review]

Michael W. Smith - Sovereign [Review]

By Joel Paul on May 13, 2014

My first listen to Michael W. Smith’s new record Sovereign occurred around five in the morning. As I listened to the songs, I looked out a south facing picture window in my house. The sun poked over the eastern horizon, and the dark night sky brightened with an array of morning colors. The anthemic song “Sky Spills Over” began to play. The song speaks about revival and new life. While the lyrical content revolves around thunder and rain giving life to a desert place, this song took me  to a place of praising God for the new life of the day. On this morning, this particular sky spilled over with God’s light and revealed the life within this world.

“You Won’t Let Go” opens this collection of songs. The song proclaims the light makes the way and storms cannot defy faith. It crescendos in the chorus and declares to God “You are the anchor of my soul. You won’t let go. No matter what may come I know you won’t let go.”  During the bridge, we are reminded of the truth of Romans chapter 8. Once we are in Christ, nothing can separate us from His love. God will not let go of us.

One of the songs I appreciate the most from this album is “Hide Myself”. One verse ministered to me a great deal. “I’ve had to wait in the dark, and hold the truth in my heart. Even in the night. Still you open wide your faithful arms.” I suspect anyone who has walked with the Lord for more than a couple of days understands the truth of this lyric.

The reality of life with Christ is that it is not always filled with joy, peace, and ease. Many times, for various reasons, we find ourselves in a spiritually dark place. Those times require us to cling tight to the truth of God’s word until we are again embraced by His wide open faithful arms. Then we can live the chorus lyric: “And I hide myself where I find my help. And I hide myself. I find only rest. I find only peace beneath your wings.”

You may hear that chorus, and think it is predictable. I did, and it is predictable. The lyric is predictable because our God is  predictable, and that brings rest and peace. I am thankful for a predictable God.

The album concludes with the song “The One that Really Matters” featuring Kari Jobe. This song is a groove oriented song which builds to an explosive bridge which sings “I can’t help but scream about the way that You moved in. Chaotic love has messed me up, so I could live again.” As the cool air of the morning seeped through my windows when I listened to this album, I pondered this lyric over and over. God is the one that really matters and His chaotic, yet consistent, love has messed me up so I can live.


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Joel Paul

Joel Paul

Joel grew up in Kansas City and began playing music at an early age. While his first musical lessons were for the accordion, he found his passion with guitar, mixed in a few years of flute, and has picked up bass the last three years. A husband for twenty years, and the father of two teenagers he plays bass and guitar as part of a praise team at a local congregation in the midtown corridor of Kansas City.