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Introducing Custom Sessions from MultiTracks.com

Introducing Custom Sessions from MultiTracks.com

By Will Doggett on December 04, 2014

It’s Saturday night and you’re headed to bed soon because you've gotta be up early to lead worship at church tomorrow. You’re thinking through the set, rehearsing transitions, hoping the band practiced so that rehearsal goes well and then it hits you... you forgot to build your Ableton set for this weekend! Just when you thought you were ready for service, you realize you have about an hour's worth of work ahead of you.

Okay... less dramatic scenario now. You’ve used Ableton Live for years. You build your sets in Arrangement view because of the flexibility you have and the power to create great transitions between songs. Only problem is that every time you build your set, you have to add locators, draw in your tempo automation, name and align your tracks, and you think to yourself... there’s got to be an easier way to do this.

Thankfully, now there is an easier way. In fact, once you see how easy it is, you might not believe it’s true.

Custom Sessions is a brand new offering from MultiTracks.com that has their servers create the Ableton set for you! You choose the songs from your MultiTracks.com account that you’ve already purchased, put them in any order you choose, and their servers will generate an Ableton session that includes tempo changes, track names, and all your locators already added in. All you need to do is drop the .WAV or .M4A files into the samples folder after you download your set.

Now your Ableton session is automatically generated and ready to go. You can go in and edit transitions if you want and add any extra content, but you won't have to re-do any of the work that the MultiTracks engineers have done previously to the session. For example, many live recordings require tempo automations that make the "grid" snap to the musician's performance. This allows you to loop the tracks even though the performance wasn't recorded to a click.  

I spoke to one of the MultiTracks engineers recently who mentioned that they have songs in their catalog that are live original masters with over 100 tempo automations to make the song sync perfectly to the grid and that can take about 4-6 hours to automate. Crazy! If you ever find yourself doing that, you're ready for Custom Sessions!

Want to see it in action?  Check out the video below:

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