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New Year Songwriting Challenge

By Admin on January 01, 2011

We are extremely excited about this New Year! We believe the Lord has great things in store for All About Worship and will continue to expand our influence among the worship leader community and Christian music.

If you've read our announcement on a brand new podcast launch - The Songwriter's Cafe - we hope you are as excited as we are about this new resource. As a part of this new monthly podcast for Christian songwriters, we are officially announcing...The Songwriter's Cafe Challenge 2011!

As much as inspiration has to do with songwriting, we believe self-discipline is even a greater part of growing as a songwriter. So, here's the deal:


Option One: Write and finish one new song every month. At the end of 2011, you will have 12 new original songs.

Option Two: Write and finish three new songs every month. You will have 36 songs written by the end of December.

It's up to you which challenge you want to take on. It depends ultimately on your time limitations, how aggressive you want to get with songwriting, etc.


We are putting an incentive/accountability in place for those of us who want to commit to this challenge.

We will have a private community area of AllAboutWorship.com where you can submit one song per month. We will gather the songs submitted and post as many as we can in the private community area throughout the month. Then, others in the community will provide their feedback on your song. When you submit a song, we ask that you commit to giving feedback to at least one song submission every month that you submit one. This accountability and feedback part of the challenge is all about community, so your participation both in submitting your songs and giving feedback is vital.

Every couple of months we'll pick one of the songs submitted that stood out to us and the others in the community and feature it on The Songwriter's Cafe Podcast.

Because this whole process will be pretty labor-intensive for us, it will be available only to those that sign up for the All About Worship Plus Membership. The cost is only $3.99/month and has other great benefits. The membership fee will help cover our administrative costs and allow us to continue to offer our resources.

Please note that the songwriting challenge is open to any Christian songwriter regardless of the style of music; it does not have to be "worship" music. Also, song submissions do not have to be studio-quality. An acoustic recording using your laptop will be acceptable.

Be sure to tune in to the new podcast for more details and updates about the songwriting challenge. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at allaboutworship(at)gmail(dot)com.

We are thrilled about the launch of the new podcast as well as the songwriting challenge. We hope you will join us this year and set a goal to write at least 12 new songs!

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