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"O Come Divine Messiah" Single, Jennie Riddle - Review

"O Come Divine Messiah" Single, Jennie Riddle - Review

By Admin on January 07, 2012

The name "Jennie Lee Riddle" might not be a household name.  However, unless you've been living under a rock for the past several years, you are familiar with "Revelation Song", the CCLI top 10 song that she penned.

Given the meteoric rise of "Revelation Song", the industry has been watching with some interest the development of her next project, PEOPLE & SONGS Opus 1: A Collective by Jennie Lee Riddle. In anticipation of Opus 1, Riddle has released the single, "O Come Divine Messiah (Everything Will Change)", a song co-written with Robbie Seay. The single is a contemporary adaption of a 16th-century French carol "Venez, Divin Messie" by Abbot Simon-Joseph Pellegrin.

“Revelation Song” suggested Riddle can turn a lyrical phrase; “O Come Divine Messiah” confirms it. The lyrics point toward the season of Advent but also allude to a longing for Christ’s return. Though following a customary verse-chorus-bridge approach, the words reveal a gravity and depth generally associated with hymns.

The music is familiar without being formulaic. Instruments do not dominate but gently support and enhance the vocals. The gravel of Seay's vocal work is balanced by the Riddle's own delicate voice. It's a great pairing that at once elicits yearning and warmth.

Riddle enlisted Michael Farren of Pocket Full of Rocks to produce. Though this project marks his debut in the role, it is evident that he has the chops to pull this off.  He imparts some nice Nashville touches with cello and pedal steel.

“O Come Divine Messiah” is a fresh work that reminds you that worship music can be accessible without resorting to cliché lyrics and derivative music. If this is any indication of the forthcoming Opus 1, something remarkable is on the horizon.

You can download the song, exclusively on iTunes, by using the widget below.

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