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Parachute Band "Love Without Measure" - CD Review

By Michael Fash on February 21, 2011

Love Without Measure is the third album release since the new iteration of Parachute Band formed in 2006.  The New Zealand-based worship band has somewhat of a heritage of writing songs with meaningful lyrics, combined with excellent production and musicianship.  This newest album certainly meets the high standard that the group has set for itself.

This album mixes a wide range of modern rock songs and straightforward ballads, all infused with synthesized electronic textures. Each track on the album is truly unique from the others, showing this band's diversity of style.

Almost all of the songs, with their solid and expressive lyrics, have a consistent theme of worship directly to the Lord.  The album opens with the catchy and upbeat "Gave It All," probably the most pop-influenced track of them all.  "Saviour Of The Broken Heart" shines as an anthem of hope for the brokenhearted, and of inspiration to reach the lost.  One of the ballads, "It's You," features Martin Smith of Delirious?.  The album finishes with a purely instrumental track, "Soar," which almost serves as a perfect soundtrack for reflecting upon the lyrics and the worshipful experience of the previous 11 tracks.

Love Without Measure continues The Parachute Band's tradition of relevant, accessible, and well-produced songs, many of which could be equally suited for both Christian radio and for church worship services.

-Review by Michael Fash

Love Without Measure - Parachute Band



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