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Passion - Take It All [Review]

Passion - Take It All [Review]

By Jake Richards on May 05, 2014

The team at Passion has, once again, produced an album of great songs with their latest project, Take It All. The album features songs by veterans of the Passion brand: Kristian Stanfill, Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, Crowder, and Christy Nockels. My first impression of the album was that it was not breaking any ground musically, but then again, these are some of the pioneers of this sound. Of course it's going to sound like Chris Tomlin. It IS Chris Tomlin!

Once I let myself worship to the songs, the true beauty of this project comes out. The lyrics, while mostly simple and not overly wordy, do lend themselves to an authentic worship experience. Several of these tracks will likely make it onto the platforms of church's around the world. While it’s hard to pick a favorite, the songs that stand out for me are "Mercy" featuring Matt Redman, and "At The Cross [Love Ran Red]" featuring Chris Tomlin.

"Mercy" speaks of Jesus taking our sins upon Himself and expresses gratitude towards His sacrifice on the cross. The chorus of "mercy, mercy, as endless as the sea" brings me to tears just thinking about how undeserving I am to be forgiven. The bridge brings the concept home, singing "may I never lose the wonder...of your mercy." It reminds me not to take His forgiveness for granted.

"At the Cross [Love Ran Red]" will surely be finding its place on worship set lists in the years to come. A song of surrender, it takes a journey to a place "where streams of grace flow deep and wide" and "sin and shame are powerless." That place is the cross, where Jesus' "love ran red" and my "sin washed white." Ultimately, the song leaves me in awe of His ultimate sacrifice for the sake of mankind.

Another notable track, "You Came To My Rescue," features Christy Nockels in an almost Katy Perry-esque, synth-driven song of freedom. Also worth mentioning is Crowder's familiar tune "I Am," which has already been seeing large amounts of radio play. Then there's "My Heart Is Yours," the simply-worded but powerful anthem of dedication from which the title of the album was taken. The song is somewhat repetitive in nature, and includes an homage to the classic hymn  "I Surrender All" at one point. I can't help but join Kristian Stanfill in belting out "my heart is yours...take it all...my life in your hands!"

Overall, Take It All is a great collection of songs, each of which I could praise individually. If I were to nitpick, I would say that I would have liked the album as a whole to flow better. My favorite thing to see in an album is the journey it takes me on from beginning to end. In all likelihood the songs will be put on “shuffle” anyway, so it’s probably not that big of a deal. I think most worship leaders will find at least a couple of candidates to add to their worship repertoire. 

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Jake Richards

Jake Richards

Jake is a husband and father in small-town New Mexico. He has served over a decade as a volunteer worship leader and songwriter, and builds homes for a living.