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“People of Troy”, Jared Anderson - CD Review

By Admin on July 01, 2011
People of Troy is an interesting offering from Jared Anderson and I was overall surprised by what I heard. Although there were songs I loved and songs that were definitely not my fave - the creativity rose up larger than all my opinion and captivated me.

Jared uses instruments not usually heard playing a lead role in the current mainstream of Christian music. Strings, horns, woodwinds and lots of piano are the forefront for this work - a really different concept in our guitar dominated world. This alone is enough to make me spring to my feet and yell, "Bravo!" about twenty times! God's creativity is limitless! So should ours be! “People of Troy”definitely peels back the flaps of that proverbial "box" we seem to enjoy climbing into from time to time and it beckons us to come out...and play.

“Don Quixote” is the title cut that introduces the concept behind the title and as a staunch lyricist myself, I love the descriptive quality of this song. Although I had to work at understanding what is really meant - I do imagine this tune would go over quite well in a concert setting with the energy and person-to-person connection of the live experience. “Don Quixote” is an engaging, light contrast to the usual concert fare.

“Marketing Corporation” is a fun, Billy Joel-ish jewel! It is satirically telling us that even though our world likes to make things "look like" everything is all that and a bag of chips - there really are no chips and the bag is pretty well beaten up! I loved it!

My favorite song of all on this CD is “Beside You”. Its honest simplicity speaks intimacy. And even though it may have been written of a human relationship, to me it is a love song from God to us.

The lyrics say:

And when the day is done

When the song is sung

I will be the one to guide you
Ahead, but behind you And when the story is won And everybody’s gone home I will be the one beside you I'll be the one

Does that not sound like our Father? In a word - yes.

I recommend this CD to any reader. I would like to see more clarity as to what is being communicated –but the overall creativity of this offering earns an above average grade.

-Review by Donna Brown

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