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Planetshakers - This Is Our Time [Review]

Planetshakers - This Is Our Time [Review]

By Scott Sidusky on October 21, 2014

Planetshakers, Australia’s largest Christian youth/young adult movement, based out of Planetshakers Church in Melbourne, is set to release their latest live worship album, This Is Our Time, on October 21, 2014.

This Is Our Time  is an excellent album which has a little bit of everything. Pulsing, stadium-sized drums drive the upbeat songs, along with a vibrant blend of electric guitars and EDM (electronic dance music) inspired keys. A choir of gang-like vocals also contribute to many of the songs on this album.

One thing I appreciate in live worship recordings over studio worship recordings is the way in which the live recordings capture the crowd participation. This album captures the atmosphere of praise and worship during this worship experience very well.

On three tracks, Israel Houghton co-writes for the first time with Planetshakers’ worship leader, guitarist, and producer, Joth Hunt, as well as worship leader and co-senior pastor, Sam Evans, and other band members. The fruit of this collaboration are the songs “Covered,” “Stronger Than A Thousand Seas,” and “Water is Rising.” All three songs are excellent stand out tracks that will encourage you, and lead you to a place of worship.

“Covered” is my favorite of these three. Israel’s influence is noticeable in this song, especially in the melodic movements of the chorus. It just sounds to me like an Israel Houghton song. The chorus powerfully declares that we are covered by God’s grace, and that no matter what we’ve done, no matter where we’ve been, no matter how we fall, God, in His grace picks us up again!

In addition to these three songs are 12 other tracks, many of which are excellent. Unfortunately, I’m not able to go through each track, so I will highlight 3 more songs which I consider stand out tracks on this record.

This is Our Time, the opening and title track kicks off the album with an energetic onslaught of EDM beats that will get you toe tapping and head bobbing. Although, you may not want to stop there, especially if you’ve been dying to break out those sick dance moves you’ve been secretly working on! The bridge of the the song emphatically declares, “This is our time, this is our place, this is our moment to lift Your name.” This line and the song as whole do a good job of setting up the premise of this album, which Joth Hunt explains as, “This [being] our time to show the love Christ to others; to be the servant.” This song will motivate the listener toward that end for sure.

“Leave Me Astoundedis another stand out track for me. A piano takes the instrumental lead, along with a driving kick/snare drum beat, shortly followed by the addition of electric and acoustic guitar for a couple measures in the intro. The opening verse has an open feel with minimal instrumentation. Here the lead female vocals are prominent with only piano and swells on electric guitar as the instrumental accompaniment. The prayer in the chorus is fantastic. It says, “Spirit fall, open up heavens door, we’re waiting with worship for more, You’re the only love that satisfies me.” Amen to that! There is no other love that can truly satisfy us than the love that comes from our Father in heaven. Contemplating that truth will leave us astounded, and amazed in the presence of Almighty God.

Included on this album is an insanely good version of Bill and Gloria Gaither’s Gospel standard, “He Touched Me.This is a great song with an even better message, and it’s nice to see it still being used in the church - with a modern arrangement and presentation, of course. The female solo vocalist on this song can flat out saaang!! Her performance on this song straight up took me to church! It starts out soft, and builds to a crescendo, comes back down, where the solo vocalist takes charge. The band then builds the song back up, dynamically, to a big ending with full band accompaniment. At the very end, the lead vocalist holds out a big note that will have you shouting, “Hallelujah!”…not for what the singer did, but for the fact that God’s love, in Christ, and through His Spirit, has touched us to make us whole!

Overall, this is a very good album that features quality production. It was recorded live - a plus for me! There are 15 total tracks. Not all of them will translate to the average congregational setting, especially the EDM driven songs, but there are definitely some songs that could easily be inserted into your rotation, such as the aforementioned “Covered,” “Leave Me Astounded,and “He Touched Me.

This Is Our Time drops on October 21, 2014. Go get yourself a copy. I recommend it!

Disclosure: A copy of this album was provided by the record label or artist for review purposes. The iTunes widget above is a part of an affiliate program. If you purchase the album through the widget, a small percentage of the sale will benefit All About Worship.

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Scott Sidusky

Scott Sidusky (Guest Writer)

Scott has been involved in worship ministry for the better part of 17 years. He currently serves as the Creative Arts & Media Pastor at Faith Journey Church of the Nazarene in Olathe, KS. He has also recently jumped into the world of songwriting, with a passion and calling to write songs for the local church. Scott currently lives in Gardner, KS with his beautiful wife Debbie and his amazing stepdaughters, Megan and Shea.