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Podcast Update: Yoshi Does Not Play Violin

By Admin on August 14, 2009
Yoshi3It has been brought to my attention that on the July 29 All About Worship podcast, I (Ben) stated that on my recent family vacation to Branson, MO, you could see YOSHI perform on the violin. While this would be an amazing thing to witness in person, sadly, it isn't so. You can however see Shoji play violin in Branson, MO. Let Shoji Tabuchime be clear...there are absolutely no similarities between Yoshi and Shoji. The only thing remotely similar is that they both originated from Japan. Thank you all for your patience and understanding of my ignorance of Super Mario characters and Japanese immigrant violinists.  I'm sure both are extremely talented at what they do.  Yoshi = amazing dragoneering and Shoji = amazing violinist.

Sincerest apologies to Yoshi fans and Shoji fans everywhere.

Thank you,

Ben Abu Saada

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