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Real Life as a Worship Pastor [Devotion]

Real Life as a Worship Pastor [Devotion]

By Ben Woodward on September 29, 2013

At 6:30am it begins. 

“Daddy, cereal, I need cereal!” 

“Can you help me get my shoes on?” 

“Eat your breakfast, we are running late for school!” 

In the morning, I am “breakfast maker”. I am “clothes fixer”. I am “motivational speaker”. I am dad and I am typically shirtless. 

But now it is 8:50am and I quickly head off to work. 

All of a sudden, I am transformed. I am now “Worship Pastor”. I am “worship guy for whatever event needs music”. I am “weekend schedule maker”. I am “equipment fixer”. I am “spiritual guy that has all the answers to all the questions”. I am “teacher of students”. I am “attender of thousands of pointless meetings”. 

By days end, I am “exhausted”. 

And then I head home. 

It is now 5pm

As I head home, I take a moment and pull myself together. I am heading home to my family. In a moment I will again be transformed. I will become again “daddy” and “dish washer extraordinaire” and “booboo kisser” and “book reader” and “kid wrestler”. 

And not for one second will they think about my day and how much energy I put into being a “worship pastor”. All they will care about is whether or not I will listen to them talk about trains, and flowers, and whatever else they are thinking about at that point in time. 

They will watch how I talk to my wife. They will watch how I respond when they drop their entire plate on the floor after I just swept. They will watch as I read my Bible and pray with them. They will watch as I scroll through Instagram and Twitter. They will watch when I stub my toe and less than pleasing words exit my mouth. They will listen to my words and repeat them. They will imitate how I walk and how I live. 

And in those moments, I will remember that even though my job is “Worship Pastor”, my authentic worship is best demonstrated in how I live in response to what Jesus has done for me. And the first place that will be demonstrated is in my family. 

I desire to be a great Worship Pastor but even more than that, I desire to be a great worshipper. I don’t mind having to constantly transform due to the circumstances. It is necessary when you work for a church. What I care about is making sure that in each transformation, I am becoming a greater worshipper and each moment becoming more like Jesus. 

It is now 5:10pm as I pull up to my house. I hear the sound of little feet running towards the door. Pray for me…

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Ben Woodward

Ben Woodward (Guest Writer)

Ben is an Australian bred singer/songwriter and worship leader that writes poignant and impacting songs about life and spirituality. Blurring the lines between singer/songwriter, rock and pop, Ben navigates the musical waters with soaring, intense vocals and driving, catchy melodies. These days he can be found in Roseville, CA, with his wife and three children, primarily serving as the Worship Pastor at The Rock of Roseville. His new EP entitled "This Beautiful Life" will drop on May 1, 2014.