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“Real Life” by Lincoln Brewster – Review & Giveaway

By Admin on September 29, 2010

Dove Award-nominated worship leader, singer/songwriter Lincoln Brewster just released his seventh solo recording project Real Life. This album is filled with great songs written by Lincoln and a team of amazing co-writers including Mia Fieldes, Paul Baloche and Jason Ingram. As a whole, this album has a much more personal, introspective feel to it than his previous albums. Lincoln says about the songs, “It’s definitely the most transparent project I’ve ever done, combining elements of worship and Real Life experiences. A lot of my vulnerability about life – from hard times growing up in Alaska to the responsibility of being a husband and father now – came through as we were writing.”

That vulnerability makes for a diverse project with much more depth than his previous albums, with songs like “Real Life” and “Made For More” dealing with very personal topics about his family and looking forward to leaving a legacy. As a dad, the song “Real Life” really held special meaning for me, reminding me to treasure the time with my kids and family! Songs like “So Good” and “I Belong to You” are just what you would expect from Lincoln – upbeat songs with driving guitars and of course some powerful guitar solos. But then there are other soaring songs of faith like “More Than Amazing”, “Loved By You” and “Whom Shall I Fear” that surprised me. As a whole, this album seems to be about not getting stuck looking back, appreciating the present while it’s here, and looking forward to the future when we’ll not only leave a legacy, but we’ll meet with God face to face!

One of my favorite tracks of the project is “More Than Amazing’. The first time I heard this song, with the piano introduction and string section, I had to check to make sure I was still listening to the same album! It’s quite a unique sound for Lincoln, but I really thought it sounded great, especially with the large choir sound on the bridge. Our worship choir at church will love it! Another surprise was the song “Whom Shall I Fear”, the duet with Kari Jobe. Towards the end of the song, Kari sings a chorus of her familiar song “You Are For Me” right in the middle of Lincoln’s song, which was a surprise, but it fit so well, it was a nice touch.

From a worship leader’s perspective, while many of these songs would work in a worship service setting, there were a couple stand-outs. “Reaching For You” was written with the church in mind. Lincoln says about it: “I really felt like ‘Reaching For You’ is a great wrap-up in the day of the life of a believer”. The closing song, “Shout For Joy” (written by Lincoln, Paul Baloche, and Jason Ingram), is also a song that will be embraced and sung by the church – Shout for joy/ see what Love has done/He has come for us/ He’s the Saving One.

Track Listing

You can preview the tracks on iTunes.

  1. Best Days (Lincoln Brewster, Mia Fieldes)
  2. Reaching For You (Lincoln Brewster, Paul Baloche)
  3. More Than Amazing (Lincoln Brewster, Mia Fieldes)
  4. Real Life (Lincoln Brewster, Mia Fieldes)
  5. So Good (Lincoln Brewster, Paul Baloche, Mia Fieldes)
  6. I Belong To You (Jamie Gaskell and Simon Moore)
  7. Whom Shall I Fear (Lincoln Brewster, Mia Fieldes)
  8. Loved By You (Lincoln Brewster, Paul Baloche)
  9. Made For More (Lincoln Brewster, Mia Fieldes)
  10. Shout For Joy (Lincoln Brewster, Paul Baloche, Jason Ingram)

I would highly recommend going out and getting this CD! If you have enjoyed his previous albums, you will not be disappointed with this latest collection!

Barry Westman

All About Worship


Leave a comment (of at least two sentences) for your chance to win a copy of this CD (courtesy of Integrity Music). Deadline is Tuesday, October 5th @ 5pm CST. We will pick two random winners. You can double your chances of winning the CD by entering HERE too!

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