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Robin Mark: Ultimate Collection - Review

Robin Mark: Ultimate Collection - Review

By Wayne Wrzesinski on May 14, 2013

I have really enjoyed listening to this album over the last week. I wasn’t super familiar with Robin Mark’s work so some of the songs are like old friends, and some are brand new to me. After only a time or two through the album I was worshiping along with this leader from Ireland.

The album definitely has an Irish feel to it. The use of flutes and Irish tin whistles and low whistles add to this as well as the arrangements and energy in some of the songs. “Lion Of Judah” and “Revival” are two songs that really feather the flute/whistle parts.

The album has a strong focus on revival. It has a feel of waiting and calling on God’s power to work. On his website, Robin says that being a worship leader isn’t about a position but being able to glorify and worship God in everything you do. You can really feel that throughout this album.

In the midst of songs that are seeking God’s presence, there are a couple of songs that really talk about what Jesus did on the cross for us. “Lion Of Judah” and “The Wonder of Your Cross” both tell the story of God’s amazing love and the sacrifice that Jesus paid for us on the cross. I think this helps give the album some balance and creates a more complete picture of the God we’re worshiping.

Overall I really enjoyed this album. While you may not find new songs to add to your roster, I believe you could find a few that still have truth and relevance for the church today.

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