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Royal Royal, The Royalty - Review

Royal Royal, The Royalty - Review

By Deni Avant on November 07, 2012

Brothers Nathan and Gabe Finochio have created a refreshing mix of authentic and intimate worship songs on their newest album The Royalty. I find the unique synth and pop sounds energizing which is absolutely appropriate for the celebration that you’ll find in this album. Funky beats accompany hopeful and praise-filled lyrics that rejoice in God’s faithfulness, beauty, and power.

This album is written from the perspective of an expectant heart with lyrics like “I can see it coming now, Hope is rising” (from “To You”). Praises, promises, and prayers are beautifully spoken to God creating a very involved and sometimes intimate conversation between yourself and God. 

And although it’s easy to focus on the beautiful lyrics, you can’t miss that this album probably sounds quite different than any other worship album. The Royal Royal take risks by diving into an almost 80’s synth sound and playing around with eclectic and high-energy beats.

The Royalty offers a mix of old and new songs (you may recognize the first 6 songs from their previous album Royal). The album kicks off with “Love” a high-energy song that alludes to the message of the entire album: shouting praises for God’s gift of life, splendor, and faithfulness.

The joyful celebration continues with lyrics that are often repeated helping me really dig deeper into them and find meaning in personally (like “In You I am alive” from “Heartbeat” and “In the fire, in my fear, I will praise Your name” from “Saviour”).

The halfway point on the album offers a brief rest. The contrast of the raw sound of “How Long” and the songs that prefaced (and follow) gave me a chance to honestly evaluate any struggles I was facing at that point. I used their repeated question “How long will it be til You answer me” as a starting point to guide me through an honest prayer with God.

Attributes of God and Scripture references are uplifted throughout the rest of the album. Themes like sacrifice, grace, peace, love, and healing can be found beautifully described. Songs also focus on our response to those attributes and gifts really encouraging me to take my worship one step further: “I'll live for You, I'll love for You, I'll worship You Forever” in “My Salvation” and “I lay it down” in “October.” The closing song “Your Voice” has a similar sound of “How Long” and acts as an amen and thank-you to God for listening and responding to the time of worship.

This is a stirring album that offers a unique, unforgettable sound. As I listened to the selfless lyrics, it immediately created an intimate time of personal worship for me where I was focused on God and remembering all that he has done and will do. The Royalty is a beautiful album that celebrates with both words and intricate sounds the beauty of God’s innumerable gifts to us.


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