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Sanctus Real, Run - Review

Sanctus Real, Run - Review

By Aaron Olson on January 27, 2013

The great thing about Sanctus Real is with every album they get better.  Some bands struggle to eclipse their latests hits, but with their new album, Run, they do not have this struggle.  This is their sixth studio album since joining Sparrow Records in 2002 and it does not disappoint.  Run is filled with 17 great tracks, with five of those being bonus/remix tracks.

With most records you find a couple songs that when they begin to play, you hit the skip button.  With Sanctus Real’s Run, the skip button becomes obsolete.  Each and every song is filled with powerful lyrics and incredible musicality.  The album has its fast, moderate, and slow paced songs, with all of them being catchy in their own unique way.

So, with all that being said, let me highlight just a few of my top songs from the album:

“Run” is the album title track and it does not disappoint.  Not only do you get the studio version, but a really good remix track at the end of the disc.  The lyrics of this track are all about running into the arms of our Father and keeping focused on His love even in the midst of the hard, dark times.  This theme runs throughout the whole album and displays the heart of Sanctus Real powerfully.

“Nothing Between” is simply a fun track.  Anytime you can rock out the banjo with style your ears are in for a treat.  There is really nothing more that can be said, or should be said about this track.  The banjo blows this track up for me.  It’s a great, fun change of pace.

“You Are God” is pure worship.  I had this track on repeat in my car and office non stop.  Powerful message and a great tune.  If this isn’t a top worship hit then I must not be versed in what makes a great worship song.  This song invokes a sense of awe when we think about the majesty of God and all that He has done.  Sanctus Real went straight for the heart with this song and hit the nail on the head.

This album is all about surrender.  That message grows from track to track as you move through the album which is fun to experience.  Every song builds off the one before it which creates a great picture of their heart and the journey Sanctus Real went through when creating this album.  They want to live fully surrendered to the will of God and want to take us along the journey with them.  Run is 17 tracks, one hour long, and worth every minute.  Sanctus Real shares the desperation in their lives for God with us, which stirs us to be more desperate for Him as well.

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Aaron Olson

Aaron Olson

Aaron has been involved in youth ministry in some capacity for the last 10 years, and currently serves as youth pastor at Rock Family Church in Colorado Springs, CO.  Aaron's heart beats for this generation and for his local youth ministry, but he also loves to travel and speak at various ministries across the country.  Aaron is married to the most amazing woman, Chelsea, and they have a beautiful daughter, Hadlee. Find out more about Aaron at www.aaronolsonministries.com