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Seeing Jesus (Devotion)

Seeing Jesus (Devotion)

By Joel Paul on February 05, 2013

Every morning I have an encounter in the bathroom.  These daily encounters in the wash room started when I was seventeen: they are absolutely necessary for me to function.  Every morning for these many years I’ve had to put on corrective lenses. Without corrective lenses, the world is extremely blurry and I can only distinguish a smear of colors and vague shapes.  I have sight without corrective lenses, but I see with corrective lenses.

In the gospel of John chapter nine, Christ gave a blind man sight.  Jesus spat on the ground, whipped up some mud, dabbed it into the blind man’s eyes, and instructed him to go wash in the pool of Siloam. Upon washing in this pool, the blind received sight.

Upon hearing of this event, the Pharisees investigated this miracle. During an interrogation by the Pharisees, the man put forth the argument Jesus had to be God otherwise he would not be able to perform this miracle. The man’s declaration prompted the Pharisees to cast him out of the synagogue. A second encounter with Christ reveals the man proclaimed he believes Jesus is the Son of God, and we find him worshipping Christ.

They were more concerned with the keeping of Sabbatical law. The Pharisee’s were not concerned with whether or not Jesus was indeed the Son of God, the Jewish Messiah, or the King of Kings. Their concern centered upon the violation of the Sabbath. The Pharisees saw Christ as a sinner.

How does this relate to worship? Our worship of Christ is contingent upon how we see Christ. The blind man saw Christ as the Son of God and worshiped him. The man’s encounter with Jesus Christ gave him sight to see that Jesus was the Son of God and worthy to be believed and worshipped.  The Pharisees saw their encounter with Christ through the lens of the Law, and it prompted them to seek Christ’s death.

How we see Christ dictates whether or not we worship Christ. Each day we must seek to have an intentional encounter with Jesus Christ so that we can see him as the Son of God and worship him as our Savior.

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Joel Paul

Joel Paul

Joel grew up in Kansas City and began playing music at an early age. While his first musical lessons were for the accordion, he found his passion with guitar, mixed in a few years of flute, and has picked up bass the last three years. A husband for twenty years, and the father of two teenagers he plays bass and guitar as part of a praise team at a local congregation in the midtown corridor of Kansas City.