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"Shine Your Light", The Father’s House NY - CD Review

"Shine Your Light", The Father’s House NY - CD Review

By Julie Terwilliger on October 25, 2011

I just want to get up & dance! ...at the first note of this album in their cover of “Nothing Is Impossible”, The Father’s House worship team including Nate Cronk, Rebecca Johnson & Robert C Tyler II did an excellent job leading worship for their church’s first live worship recordingAlthough their rendition of the song is somewhat safe and doesn’t include a thumbprint of distinction or any variation, I still almost prefer it to the original.

The rest of the songs (with the exception of “Everlasting God” & “It is Well with My Soul”) on the album are written for the church by the church.

“Open Doors” led by Robert C Tyler II is very Gospel inspired, featuring a lead sax part.

“Jesus You Are” written by Nate Cronk & led by Rebecca Johnson, and also being recorded by other worship artists is a very selfless, Jesus focused song.  A refreshing change from many of todays songs that focus so much on ‘our feelings’ rather than just the very being of who Jesus is as highlighted in this, and a few others on this album.

Tears may flow when you hear of the story of Andrea - a church member who co-wrote “My Portion”, moved by Psalm 73 & later diagnosed with cancer. This song has become the anthem of her life and many others dealing with illness.  

“I give myself away unrestrained...” - the intimate lyrics to “ “Unrestrained” are simple & heartfelt.

Their vision for this album is to see God glorified through music and as Nate said ...to simply capture what happens each week at our church and let people take it home with them and bless other people with it who might need encouragement.”

This message is summed up in the story of a soldier in Afghanistan, who rallies men from his battalion together every Sunday to worship with TFHNY online on his laptop. When the CD came out, he made sure all the guys in his unit knew about it.  He reported that it’s been an encouragement to them while living through discouraging and dangerous conditions.

Each song is well written, simply arranged, easy to follow & worship to, and very congregational friendly.  The few criticisms I can give are that the mix has the vocals so in the forefront that their imperfections are more exposed. Vocal effects could help a lot & the lead female is straining her vocals, pushing out of range in each song making it a bit tiring by the end of the album.

Backed by their church congregation (who had been taught the songs beforehand) that sounds like a large choir & a full band, this album is anointed and you can feel the atmosphere even through the recording.  The energy & spirit is contagious throughout the entire album.  I would definitely come and worship with them if I find myself in NY.

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Julie Terwilliger

Julie Terwilliger

Julie is a business owner, designer, worship leader, and iPhoneographer. She loves Jesus, elevating others, laughing & living life to the fullest with her husband & son in Michigan.