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Shownotes for 2/11/10: Interview with Vicky Beeching

Shownotes for 2/11/10: Interview with Vicky Beeching

By Admin on February 11, 2010

On this episode Wisdom catches up with one of our favorite worship leaders and songwriters, Vicky Beeching. If you've ever met Vicky or heard her speak at all, you can't help but feel inspired to become a better songwriter.  She's got a new EP coming February 16...a MUST HAVE.  We also hear from you during our "Listener Feedback" section of the cast and an update on what's happening with the upcoming All About Worship Retreat. Stay tuned for a teaser at the end of the podcast about an upcoming extension to the All About Worship Podcast.

All About Worship Retreat

  • Guest Announcement.We are thrilled to announce an addition to the worship retreat!  Joanna Reyburn from International House of Prayer here in Kansas City will be joining us during the upcoming retreat in May.  Learn more about Joanna on her website www.JoannaReyburn.com
  • Register. If you still haven't signed up...what are you waiting for!?!?  Go now to www.WorshipRetreat.org and check out the speakers and register today!
  • Giveaway. The First 20 people who register receive a copy of Dwayne Moore’s book “Pure Praise“…the first 10 people will receive the book and a free CD from Darrell Evans. 
  • Both Darrell and Dwayne will be a part of the retreat.  Go register NOW!!!
  • Giveaway 2. If you register, we will enter your name in a drawing to win a free registration to this year’s National Worship Leader Conference. Seriously! GO NOW…REGISTER. HUGE thanks to our friends at Worship Leader Magazine.

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THANKS to Vicky for visiting the podcast! And once again we are truly grateful to every listener, sponsor and guest who took the time to be a part of ministering to so many amazing worship leaders around the world.

As always…we THANK YOU, our amazing listeners for being a part of making this little podcast possible. Thanks for listening and telling your friends and family.

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