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Step-By-Step Copyright Compliance

By Christian Copyright Solutions on December 16, 2011

As worship leaders, copyright compliance concerns can be one of our greatest sources of stress and frustration. In their new video series, Christian Copyright Solutions (CCS) takes on some of the greatest areas of copyright confusion and answers your questions. Topics are presented in a step-by-step format, breaking them down into easy, bite-size pieces. Here are some of the questions the videos address:

What is a copyright?

What can be copyrighted?

What are the exclusive rights of copyright owners?

What are performance rights organizations and what do they do for songwriters and publishers?

What are some common performance rights myths?

What are mechanical and sync licenses?

How can we keep webcasting legal?

What are blanket licenses and how do they work?

You can check out CCS’s complete video series here: www.copyrightsolver.com/videos

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