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"The Great Awakening", Leeland - Review

By Mathew Reames on September 20, 2011

Leeland just released their 4th worship album - The Great Awakening. Overall this is a solid progression from their previous albums. It shows how the guys have grown spiritually both as a band, and as individuals. The album itself is a good mix of congregational worship, personal worship, and songs that minister to the body.

The opening track, which is the title track, “The Great Awakening” is a great song about how awakening and revival spreads throughout the body of Christ. I find myself encouraged as I listen to it with a stirring of passion. However it is not a song built for use in our church services because its fast paced lyrical rhythms do not lend themselves to congregational singing.

However, track 2 “All Over the Earth” is perfect for the congregation. It is the longest song on the album, but it’s focus is glorifying God. The lyrics are simple and singable and keep the focus on the Lord. This is a song that can be used without much trouble.

“I Wonder” is my favorite on the whole album. It is a very simple song relying on a very acoustic sound with strings, piano and guitars. But the song speaks of the Grandeur, Majesty, and Holiness of God. The song has the power of a hymn behind it while still being accessible in the modern culture. This will become a church standard for sure.

I love how Leeland is able to just make music. It's not about writing everything worship. It’s about expressing their journey through life in the form of music. Sometimes the overflow of that journey is deep intense worship, while at other times it’s about the journey itself and the growth and changes experienced as you mature.

“Not Afraid Anymore” is another song that I love. It really gets you excited for God. This is a song that might work well in certain circles however might not be perfect for every church. It’s high energy, and it really encourages us to fight the good fight of Faith.

“Holy Ghost” is one that is great in the context of congregational worship. When you listen to it, you might not see that because of the heavy use of synthetic sounds and electronica. However, the song is a simple worship song asking the Holy Spirit to come and fill us...to be overtaken by his presence and power.

I love this album because it has something to appeal to most people within the body. There are a few songs that will be great for the church: "All Over the Earth", Holy Ghost, "Unending Songs", and "I wonder". And the rest will really encourage you.

-Review by Mathew Reames

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Mathew Reames

Mathew Reames

Mathew is a missionary and a worship leader serving the global body of Christ through worship training, biblical teaching, and evangelism. He resides in Lawrence, KS and Serves at Eagle Rock Church when not on the mission field.