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The Social Media Webinar - This Thursday

By Wisdom Moon on June 14, 2011

If you're reading this, most likely you have Internet access, you know how to get around online. You probably have an email account that you use everyday. You also probably have an account on Facebook or Twitter, or both. Even though you may have accounts on social media platforms, you may not be all that familiar with Social Media Marketing, also known as SMM.

If you're a part of a church, ministry, or business you might be aware that a lot of organizations these days are trying to figure out how to exist in this social media world. Whether you're a part of an organization or just trying to use social media to network and/or promote as an artist or songwriter, I want to invite you to join me this Thursday for a 1 1/2 hour long webinar (via Skype) where I'll be sharing tactics, tools, and strategies for Social Media Marketing.

We'll be discussing topics like:

-What is Social Media?

-Social Media: It Loves Me; It Loves Me Not

-Podcasting is Not Just For Geeks

-Putting Your Face on Facebook

-Tweet What?!

-I've Got A Blog. Now What?

-and more...

We'll also have a time of Q&A and try to answer any questions you may have about Social Media Marketing or about your specific situation. Join me this Thursday at 8:30pm CST. Click Here for more details and to register. Hope to see you then!

-Wisdom Moon

This webinar is presented by my company, Factor7 Agency.

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Wisdom Moon

Wisdom Moon

Wisdom is a husband, father, worship leader, songwriter, and Founder/CEO of All About Worship. He was born in South Korea, but spent most of his life in Silicon Valley (California), and currently resides in Nashville, TN with his wife and three kids. Wisdom has been involved in worship ministry for over 20 years. For more about Wisdom, visit WisdomMoon.com