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Three Boring, Spiritually Unspiritual, Simple Ideas You Can’t Not Do to Grow Your Team, Part 2

Three Boring, Spiritually Unspiritual, Simple Ideas You Can’t Not Do to Grow Your Team, Part 2

By Michael King on May 23, 2017

Last month we explored the idea of developing a Leadership Pipeline for your worship ministry. (If you missed it, please check out their link here

 A “leadership pipeline” is an established development path for your leaders.  It shows “who’s responsible for who" and "who's responsible for what." It also helps clarify a communications path for burden and responsibility. Empowering leaders to lead requires clarity. Being clear is hard work. I’ve made the mistake of keeping my “plans” top secret. I mean, what if something or someone doesn't work out or someone tries to hijack my direction! Can I tell you this…Insecurities stink!  Can you relate?  Ugh. I’ve learned a few priceless lessons along the way, and one of them is this:  Pull the RIGHT people close and make your dreams/vision known. When you do this, you will create a culture that trusts communication from the leaders who carry a certain level of responsibility and burden.  The people that you have pulled close know the dreams and plans that God has given you.  They can share the weight of your dream with you and help you navigate potential problems.  Sometimes, lack of clarity happens because only one person is looking at the map.  Let your map be known…and let others drive.  

Empowering leaders to lead requires clarity

Here is a sample of the leadership pipeline we use as a whole at our church. 

If you have any questions regarding developing a "leadership pipeline," please contact me.  I have several resources to help you with this discussion and discovery.  This applies to your whole church and not solely the Worship Ministry. Now on to IDEA #2.

Idea #2. Make recruitment and assimilation a “normal” for everyone

Here is the heart behind this:

This past week at my church we hosted our monthly "OPEN."  “OPEN” is a time in which we “open up” our team devotional time, production time and pre-service experience to visiting churches and leaders.  

The visiting church this week was a church from a different stylistic approach but from our city.  They wanted to observe how we produced a "contemporary" worship service.  We met for coffee a few weeks ago, and I was excited that they said yes to my invitation to attend "OPEN."

During their time with us, I gave them a tour of our church and talked about our teams.  I spoke about some of our values.  I sensed that they wanted to talk about guitars and keyboards.  We ended up talking about the power of God’s presence and how He changes lives, always.  While standing backstage after rehearsal, I noticed that one of their leaders looked overwhelmed.  When I asked her what she was processing, she shared with me that she was amazed that all our teams were volunteers.  I responded to her that it’s amazing what people will do when they've been given the gift of second, third, fourth and fifth chances. It’s unrealistic and somewhat unfair to expect leaders to step forth without a testimony attached. The look of being overwhelmed shifted and was now accompanied by tears of awe and wonder.  Saved people save people.  

It’s unrealistic and somewhat unfair to expect leaders to step forth without a testimony attached.

She asked me a question: “How is it that so many people are involved?”  Here is what I have found.

Like attracts like. Visibility replicates.

"Like attracts like" implies that the things that we are most excited about attracts people that are passionate about the same things.  I love Apple computers and Chick-fil-A.  Wouldn't you know it, I happen to attract people that tend to like Apple computers and Chick-fil-A. God is doing something special at my church.  People are excited about being on our team.  They attract people to our teams.

“Visibility replicates” implies that whatever you make visible, whether that is a talent or behavior, is what will replicate in your culture.  If you make it a priority to foster a genuine culture of prayer in your ministry, there's a pretty good chance the people that want to be a part of it have a desire to grow or be involved with the same.  Likewise, if you put your worst guitar players on the platform in your biggest service every week, it tells every other bad guitar player in your church that they too are guaranteed a spot on your stage.  Visibility replicates.  

Here’s the practical behind this:

Having the right people on your team, to begin with, can be THE biggest hurdle. You know you have the RIGHT people on your team when they are EXCITED about what God is doing in your team, and YOU want to replicate them.  Here are a few ideas to help you develop an assimilation culture:

  1. Decentralize the “responsibility” of getting people into your ministry by empowering capable leaders you trust. Here’s how this works at my church. Coaches are responsible for recruiting and assimilating their teams.  (Guitar coach is responsible for building the guitar team). I meet with all the coaches monthly, and they give me an update on the things I need to know. They own this completely. These are the RIGHT people that have been vetted.  They are VISIBLE leaders who replicate.
  2. Make “being a bringer” your “new normal."  Whenever new ministry team members are on-ramped, ask them to bring someone with them! Language like “YOU DON’T HAVE TO COME ALONE!”, “WE WILL FIND A PLACE FOR YOU” really helps create consistency in an inviting team. This is where I’ve seen “Like attracts like” come alive. This is a core value that is communicated from day one, and it has become our “normal” over time.  

These might seem small, but they are significant. We DREAM DREAMS, but we LIVE MOMENTS.  These principles are what I would call moments.  "Moments" matter because they cause a chain reaction that affects forever. These two moments lead to a bigger dream of seeing our team members be “MINISTRY OWNERS." The practice of MINISTRY OWNERSHIP is a significant value.

“So Christ himself gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the pastors and teachers, to equip his people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ.”

Ephesians 4:11-13 NIV

"Ministry Ownership" tells a volunteer that they don't need a title to carry a burden.  They don't need a title to help pastor a team. We all have different roles and talents and spiritual gifts.  “Ministry Ownership” is a culture in which team members take responsibility to shepherd and build the ministry that they are a part of.  I’ve just noticed that in general, people who own houses are more aware of the condition of their homes than renters are.  

So, let me ask you, what dream are you dreaming today?  Are there smaller moments that are hijacking your bigger dream?  Take some time today and pray through this.  I believe that being involved in our teams has nothing to do with what God wants from us, but it's what He has for us. Jesus will be bringing the right people to your teams because God desires to use you and your leadership gifting to change the world . . . one willing person at a time.

Jesus, I pray for those that might read this blog.  I pray that this would be an encouragement to those feeling stuck today.  I feel stuck a lot, and I am thankful that you give me grace daily to start over.  I pray that you would continue to instill a spirit of bravery amongst my brothers and sisters. None of us have it all figured out, but you are still consistent and always for us. Amen.

Thank you for checking out these first two ideas. Next month we will dive into Idea #3! 

Michael King @michaelkingjr I free resources available at www.worship.coach

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Michael King

Michael King