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UNITED’s Live In Miami - Album Review

UNITED’s Live In Miami - Album Review

By Joe Cameneti, Jr. on February 15, 2012

I've lived my life to the soundtrack of Hillsong United. I applied acne medication and sported my Old Navy tech vest to the likes of “King of Majesty”, “More Than Life” and “To The Ends of The Earth”. I gained my freshman 15 (more like freshman 20) with the accompaniment of tracks like “The Stand”, "From the Inside Out” and “Salvation Is Here”.

I calmed my wedding jitters with “Found”, waited for our son’s arrival to The I Heart Revolution, and prayed for God to save my city with “Tear Down the Walls”. It is this kind of history, emotion and meaning attached to every song that ultimately make room in my heart, and millions more, for Aftermath: Live from Miami.

Just one look at the track listing, and it’s evident that this album is going to deliver every ounce of the passion, excitement and raw hunger for God synonymous with Hillsong UNITED.

To over-simplify, I’d break this album into a few categories:

1) All-time classics that feel a bit like “bonus tracks” on the project: “Mighty to Save”, “Hosanna”, “The Stand”, “All I Need is You”, “Take it All” and “From the Inside Out” - How can you not love these!

2) High-Octane praise, louder and more energetic than ever before: “Go”, “Nova”, “Freedom is Here/Shout Unto God” and “Yours Forever”. Again proving that UNITED is unrivaled in their ability to glorify Jesus while jumping up and down.

3) Intimate moments, showcasing the softer side of the team: “Bones”, “Oh You Bring”, and “Like an Avalanche”. So creative and compelling… songs that belong in a prayer playlist for sure.

4) Epic, “stadium” moments with all eyes on Jesus… The title track, fittingly performed by its creator Joel Houston, was even more powerful than the studio version. “Take Heart” was close behind. But, surprisingly enough, I can’t stop listening to the song that’s been on about 8 Hillsong albums over the past 5 years. Nothing like joining with thousands upon thousands, “With Everything” before God!

In summary, if you loved the studio version of Aftermath, and you’re one of the multitudes of Hillsong UNITED fans across the globe, then you’ll have this on repeat from now until their next highly anticipated release. It’s long, in all the right places, live in all the right ways and loud in the fullest, most vivid sense of the word.

I give this album 4 out of 5 stars.

-Joe Cameneti, Jr.

(review copy provided by the label)

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