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Vertical Church Band - The Rock Won’t Move [Review]

Vertical Church Band - The Rock Won’t Move [Review]

By Chris Olson on October 29, 2013

Hailing from Harvest Bible Chapel (a multi-site church in Chicago), Vertical Church Band is bringing us their new album, The Rock Won’t Move. Recorded live in Chicago, the album was written by the collective worship leaders at Harvest.

The Rock Won’t Move features six Harvest worship leaders: Meredith Andrews, Seth McConkey, Kyle Fredricks, Andi Rozier, Jon Guerra and Tara Rios. Each worship leader brings a different flavor to the album, resulting in an album full of various tones and vibes, coupled with upward worship written for the church (yeah, that is fairly cliche’, but it’s true in this case).

Let’s start with the title track, “The Rock Won’t Move.” This song brings a strong melody and great lyrical imagery. “My hope is in the promise of Your blood ... my support within the raging flood ... Even in the tempest I can see … I’m hidden safe in the God who never moves ... holding fast to the promise of Your truth ... that You are holding tighter still to me.” Lyrics like these really make this a memorable and poignant song.

Bringing a nice folksy acoustic touch, “I Will Follow” is a great tune featuring a solid vocal performance, and strong lyrics like “Even in the good times I’ll follow you … Even in the storms I’ll follow You …” The performance is superb, and provides a great sonic foundation for the message of the song.

“Call on the Name” is another song that could easily find a home in your church congregation. Featuring a simple yet dynamic arrangement, this song (especially during the verses) has one of the cooler (is that a word?) vibes on the album.

I should also note that you might recognize “Strong God.” This song was also featured on the recent New Life Worship release. A truly powerful song, it features a flawless vocal performance by Meredith Andrews, and is a strong proclamation for any church body to lift up. 

As you can likely tell from the songs mentioned above, this album “centers on the Lord’s reliability and faithfulness through the ups and downs of life.” The whole album really drives this message home. It acknowledges the hard times, yet boldly proclaims faith and hope in the midst of those trials. Written for congregational worship, and with varying sounds and styles, there is no doubt something on this album for just about any church.

Disclosure: A copy of this album was provided by the record label or artist for review purposes. The iTunes widget above is a part of an affiliate program. If you purchase the album through the widget, a small percentage of the sale will benefit All About Worship.


You can download the All About Worship Collective 7 for free (using the widget below), which features the title track - "The Rock Won’t Move".

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Chris Olson

Chris Olson

Chris has been involved in worship ministry in some way for over 20 years, ranging from worship team guitarist/bassist/drummer to staff worship pastor. Chris presently serves as one of the worship leaders at Grace Church in Overland Park, KS, and is also a songwriter with a passion to write songs for the local church.  Chris married WAY up when his wife Rachel said “I do,” and they have two awesomely awesome kids, Aedan and Caitlin.