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Waking Dawn, Sean Hill - Album Review & Giveaway

By Joe Cameneti, Jr. on February 08, 2012

It’s fascinating to think how far we’ve come from the days when only a handful of worship bands existed on the CCM scene. Today is a completely different story, to say the least. At times, it can even feel like an over-saturation of the same thing. There seems to be a handful of worship bands that have a strong identity, and then there seems to be the rest of the pack mirroring those in front.

It’s the age-old struggle, leaning on our musical influences while maintaining our own sound and feel. And, hear me. I’m not suggesting it’s a problem to sound just like Hillsong or any of the others! I am the biggest worship junky you’ll ever find, but it is with this reality and perspective that I often approach a new cd.

I guess if I could break down my thought process into two simple questions, they would be:

1. What does this album have that the others don’t?

2. And…what does this album have that the great ones do?

With these questions in mind, I am pleased to say that Waking Dawn by Sean Hill has been an incredible listening experience from start to finish. Reminiscent of a “Pre-Ancient Skies” Gungor album, Sean brings a fresh and thoughtful approach to every well-crafted song.

As a pastor and someone who believes in building and expanding God’s Kingdom through the local church, I most loved the maturity in what Sean lyrically brought to the experience. With heart-felt and mission-minded songs like “I Hear the Sound” and “Illuminate the World”, it gave me something to put in my prayer-time rotation.

Solid melodies and beautiful “woaaooh moments” juxtaposed with intimate falsetto vocals from Kennedy Goins make “Sing For You” one of my favorite songs on the record. And that’s not to be outdone by stand-outs like “Illuminate the World,” “Flicker” and the title track “Waking Dawn.”

This is most definitely a sign of much good to come from artist Sean Hill. You’ll be singing this in your head long after you’ve turned it off. Waking Dawn is a well-versed album with something for everyone. I give it two thumbs up!

-Review by Joe Cameneti Jr.

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