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What is the heart of a true leader? [Q&A]

What is the heart of a true leader? [Q&A]

By Admin on November 08, 2013

This article is a part of a series we call "The Leadership Roundtable" - where a team of "leaders" take a question that was submitted and answer it here on our site so that it may help others out there that may have the same question. If you have a question, you can submit it to us using this form.

QUESTION from Rachel L.: What is the heart of a true leader? And how will he/she show it?

ANSWER from one of our contributors: There are a million answers to a true leader.  In the arena of church/worship leadership it can be a little confusing. The example of a true worship leader, I look at the example of my wife who led for a number years. Her heart was to always have a great worship team, not be a star worship leader. Often, people didn’t know that she was the worship leader. She would pass opportunities on to the team members, to the point of even being outshined on the stage.  

The heart of a true worship leader will recognize that they are not leading for themselves. They see a vision of potential for their team members and find out how they can help make them the greatest with their talents and as an individual.  

Now in regards to the heart of a true leader, it must come from an intimacy with God that continually renews our inner security.  There is no such thing as a secure leader. Inner security comes and goes. We all have insecurities. A true heart of a leader will always go to the presence of God to hear who they really are and what they can become.  

One will know when they have the heart of a true leader when they are more excited about how they can help others. Leaders help make people great.

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