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What Should A Worship Leader Wear?

What Should A Worship Leader Wear?

By Admin on January 29, 2015

These days there's a lot of talk about stage presence when leading worship. One topic often discussed is clothing. Russ Hutto from The Worship Community shared his thoughts on worship leader fashion in a recent article. 

Russ says he has put together an "easy-to-follow step by step action plan to help you in choosing your wardrobe for leading worship," and he says it can help every member of your worship team.

Russ writes:

Maybe you’ve got some older members who think that pastel plaid pants are the right choice. Or maybe you’ve got some younger members who think skin tight skinny jeans and pointy elf shoes are appropriate. Or maybe you’ve got some folks who think dress casual means a halter top and a cowboy hat. It doesn’t matter.

This is a one size fits all approach to worship leading fashion that will have every single member of your team, youngest to oldest, looking the way they should when it comes time to come out of the green room, maintenance room, storage closet, hallway, or whatever space your church has set aside for your worship team to prepare in.

The first article of 'clothing' Russ suggests that the worship team should put on is compassion.

He says:

Worship leaders and those leading worship should be compassionate towards the people they are “leading.” This word means to feel a deep pity or sympathy towards. In fact, this particular word carries with it a strong imagery of being moved in the “bowels” or, simply stated, to be moved within the depths of your being to help someone.

The second is kindness. Russ writes:

Worship leaders should be filled with kindness. But this isn’t just your everyday garden variety of kindness, though, this word kindness means to be useful, gentle, and pleasant. The imagery this word carries is that of something that provides benefit and is suitable for use. In other words, we as worship leaders are to be a benefit to our faith families. We are to be useful. 

To read Russ's entire list of what a worship leader should wear click here.

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