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Who’s Counting? (Devotion)

Who’s Counting? (Devotion)

By Wayne Wrzesinski on November 12, 2012

When I got back into running a couple of years ago I started with a loop from my house that was about 1.5 miles. This was a decent run and I was used to that distance from  my time in the Navy. After a few months of doing that 1.5 miles a couple of times a week I decided that I would run the trail around a lake we have in Longview, WA. I went from a 1.5 to a 3.6 mile run.

Not much later I decided that I would post on Facebook that I was thinking about going for two laps, making it a 7.2 mile run. I checked my status and had enough comments that I was now committed to running two laps.

I made it. But it was hard.

It can be so easy as a worship guy to see where someone else is, the tight band, the songs they’re writing, the album they just released, and want to do whatever we can to reach a significant mark like that. I think goals and dreams are great. They motivate us and push us beyond what we think we can do, but I also know that we need to celebrate small wins in our ministries and be grateful for what God has called us to.

There may be times when God calls you to do something that you know will stretch you and probably hurt a little. But we need to remember that even if we’re not working on our next album or chasing a big dream right now, God is still working in and through us.

Never forget to celebrate the small wins.

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