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Will Retherford - "Walk" Review

Will Retherford - "Walk" Review

By Matt Neff on September 04, 2012

Walk is the sophomore release by Will Retherford to his first album Awake. The words I would use to describe Walk would be tasteful, mature and interesting.

It was produced by Michael Rossback - producer for Paul Baloche, Gungor, and Jared Anderson, and it shows. Walk is an eclectic mix of music, and mood. The production is so well done that it feels less like an album and more like an experience. The album also captures what feels like seasons, colors and change. There are a broad range of ideas and styles displayed here in a simple, clean way.

Out of the 11 tracks on this album the styles vary but have a cohesive center to it all. Tracks like "Rescue Us" call out to God in a time where many of us have been asked the question: "God, are You there?" with lyrics like "Will You rescue us, will You rescue us?" It's like David in the Psalms crying out to God in a vulnerable, exasperated hour. But not all the songs have such a heavy tone.

Take "Narrow" for example which has a lighter upbeat feel that I feel would be the perfect soundtrack for an Apple commercial.  Will sings "As the sun goes down, You light my way..." and "When I fall onto my face You will come, Oh you will come, You will come..."

Another great example of the mood and feel the album captures is the haunting "Let It Come". It features the talent of vocalist and co writer of this song, Brooke Williams. who sings some Leigh Nash style vocals and harmonies which compliment the song and Will perfectly.  The song was so well produced and executed it made me feel like there was a chill in the air and that snow was falling all around me. Near the end Brooke sings out "Peace on Earth" which drives the wintery theme home and could also make for a great Christmas song. Not only does the music paint a picture but the lyrics as well. Will writes "Like a furious man coming for his bride, who can no longer stand the sounds of her cries...".

There are many layers, seasons and colors to this album and I think you'll really enjoy it.

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