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Worship Leader Highlight - Erin Cameneti

By Admin on July 03, 2010
When and how did you know you were called to ministry?

I grew up in an awesome home where God was always the focal point. My parents were and still are amazing Pastors & Worship Leaders in a small town right outside of Columbus, Ohio. I’ve always loved worship, and I’ve always loved God, but I don’t think I actually heard His call until I was about 15. It was at a student summer camp…

The night was intense! There were over 700 students there, and God was moving all across the room… The part that blew me away was that He found me in that service… I’m not sure I was even really looking for Him, but He found me and gave me a word through a Pastor from another church that spoke to the heart of exactly what I was going through at the time. (Not to mention I met my future husband at that camp! Whole ‘nother story…)

From that moment on, I knew there was a call to ministry, and as the years have passed, I’ve just been following His voice step by step in amazement!

What do you do to keep yourself fresh as a worship leader and/or songwriter?

I’m a young wife and a young mother… My husband (who is also involved in ministry) and I have been married close to 3 years, and we have a 1-year-old boy who is all over the place! We’re definitely experiencing first hand what it looks like to “do life” while “doing ministry.”

Doesn’t matter who you are, life is no respecter of persons. And whether life brings a difficult relationship, a physical challenge, emotional battles or just “busyness,” there has to be a moment every day where we press pause and redirect our attention to the only One that matters! I love what Craig Groeschel, Pastor of lifechurch.tv, says… “I don’t ever want to become a full-time minister and a part-time follower of Christ.” Bottom line, there is no substitute for time in God’s Word and time in His presence…

Oh yeah, and you’ve got to have moments where you step away from ministry, songwriting and life in general, and just have some fun! (Eating great meals, getting away with your spouse or friends, “vegging out” in front of the TV… in moderation! Or whatever you enjoy…) Many times, these can actually become the moments where God is able to do the most!

What are five worship songs you are really connecting with currently?

This is a tough question! There are so many bands and worship projects that I can totally camp out on for months, but I’d have to say these are my faves of late…

1)    Show Me Your Glory (Jesus Culture) – This song is like brand new, but it’s been on repeat in my playlist for 2 weeks! I love the prayer, and I love the bridge… incredible!

2)    How He Loves (John Mark McMillan) – Who hasn’t been touched by this song! Our worship team and congregation have really grabbed a hold of it… We’ve been adding a 2nd chorus “We love You, Oh how we love You, Oh how we love…” It’s really added another dimension to the experience!

3)    Rise and Sing (Fee Band) – This is THE most fun song to sing live… if you’ve never heard these guys, check out the Catalyst Conference in Atlanta!

4)    We Will Run (Gungor) – Wow… by the time you get to the chorus on this song, you’re ready for lift off!

5)    Love Like Fire (Matt Crocker/Hillsong)  - How could I not put Hillsong on this list! This is straight from their latest album, and it’s one of the easiest songs to catch… you’ll be belting it out after 1 time through!

What is the most important thing you would share with an up-and-coming artist or worship leader?

Always remember, worship isn’t about a position, an album, a goose bump or a paycheck. It’s difficult to imagine that we can reduce the act of glorifying our creator to those terms, but sadly it’s one of the easiest things to fall prey to. Worship has to be an overflow of our daily walk with God. The time we spend in God’s presence off of the stage is 10 times more important than the few moments each week spent under the lights.

My challenge and encouragement to those who know they are called to BIG things is to learn how to be content in ALL things… especially the small ones! Embrace every moment in this incredible journey God has for you! Make your mission to glorify God and disappear from the picture. It seems backwards in a culture like ours, but it’s the very key to longevity in ministry!

Be faithful with the little that God has entrusted to you (Your small group, daily walk with God, relationships, worship team, church) And God will some day make you ruler over much! (Matthew 25)

Could you share one of your most embarrassing moments while leading worship?

I knew this was coming! An All About Worship trademark…HaHa! Honestly, I am very thankful that I don’t have too many embarrassing moments in my short history of leading worship! I’d say the most awkward/embarrassing moment that I have experienced is one that many have gone through…

I was leading at a women’s retreat, and the drummer and I were the only two instruments starting the song off… The rest of the band was going to come in at the very end of Chorus 1. Everything seemed to be going fine, until I realized that the song was feeling completely out of my range… I quickly realized that I had forgotten to capo! There was no saving it at that point… I had to bite the bullet and start the entire song over again! Thankfully it didn’t suck too much of the momentum out of the service, and God still moved!

Oh yeah, one time I definitely swallowed a gnat while leading a song. If you knew me you would understand how icky and disgusting that would be for me! I persevered though! No one knew until after the set that anything had happened!


Erin Cameneti leads worship at Believers Christian Fellowship in Warren, Ohio. Her heart is simple: help people connect with God through honest and authentic moments of worship in His presence. As the daughter of a worship leader, Erin was exposed to God’s presence from an early age. Her style and approach have been greatly influenced by the likes of Kim Walker of Jesus Culture and Darlene Zschech of Hillsong. Today, as a singer/songwriter, wife, and mother, her passion is to see people of all ages get rooted in their local church and watch God’s call become a reality!

To learn more about Believers Worship, visit ancientanthem.com. There you can sample the latest album, download free sheet music and much more! Erin is featured on "Send Your Glory" and "All We Long For".

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