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Worship Leader - Why You Should Be Forgotten (Part 1)

Worship Leader - Why You Should Be Forgotten (Part 1)

By Ben Woodward on April 21, 2014

It was a typical Sunday morning at a church that was like any other in the USA. People meandered through the front doors and were greeted by warm smiles and the smell of brewing coffee. Music played in the background while small talk filled the atrium with the sound of activity. Parents called to their children as they ran up the stairs towards brightly colored rooms and happy smiling teachers. It was Sunday morning and everything was ready. 

Joe walked in with a smile on his face but it was a poor attempt at masking the pain he felt inside. Joe was your average guy with a couple of kids, a job that he didn't really like (but it paid the bills) and a marriage he was bored with. He medicated the pain of an unfulfilled life with TV on weeknights and sports on weekends. 

His kids fought each other every day and his wife nagged him about his absentee fathering and his growing abdomen. 

Joe's life was full of noise from the moment he woke up to the time he fell asleep. Constant, unceasing, relentless noise on every side. 

Joe, the bills are due. Joe, your kids are out of control. Joe, your wife is miserable and lonely. Joe your boss needs you to work overtime this week. Joe, you are a failure at life. 

This particular Sunday morning, Joe had wandering into church, the place where everybody is happy and he felt like a hypocrite. In that last week, Joe never picked up his Bible, never prayed, never felt God's presence or heard God's voice. All he heard was the noise of his life and he wondered if there would ever be any respite from all the chaos. 

He made his way into the auditorium and found a place to sit. He knew a few faces here and there and he halfheartedly waved at some friends he had known for years. Eventually his wife made her way to sit beside him after checking the kids into childcare. 

They had made it to church. Now they waited for the music to begin. They waited for the ritual to commence. Joe wasn't even sure why he was there. Perhaps today, however, in this place of worship things could change. 

The worship leader stepped on stage and walked to the microphone. Joe looked up and for a moment let the facade slip as he allowed the pain to rise to the surface. 

Quietly, Joe whispered. 

"God, I don't have much to bring, but I'm here. Help me, speak to me..." 

To be continued . . . 

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(Image courtesy of ShiftWorship.com)

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Ben Woodward

Ben Woodward (Guest Writer)

Ben is an Australian bred singer/songwriter and worship leader that writes poignant and impacting songs about life and spirituality. Blurring the lines between singer/songwriter, rock and pop, Ben navigates the musical waters with soaring, intense vocals and driving, catchy melodies. These days he can be found in Roseville, CA, with his wife and three children, primarily serving as the Worship Pastor at The Rock of Roseville. His new EP entitled "This Beautiful Life" will drop on May 1, 2014.