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Worship Leader - Why You Should Be Forgotten (Part 2)

Worship Leader - Why You Should Be Forgotten (Part 2)

By Ben Woodward on April 22, 2014

(This is Part 2 of a 3 part series. If you haven't read Part 1, we encourage you to Read It Here.)

As a worship pastor at an A-typical American church in Roseville, CA, I have seen Joe many times. I have stared into his eyes as I wandered on stage and stepped up to the microphone. I have looked beyond the facade and seen the pain of a mundane life and the vacancy in his eyes. 

I know the sound of the constant noise Joe hears because I have heard it in my own life at times. 

I have three small children and overwhelming bills each month. I have the many years of feeling like a failure because "success" in the music industry evaded me no matter how hard I tried. 

I know the sound of that noise and how it drowns out the voice of God in my life. 

But here I am. It's Sunday morning and I step up to the microphone looking into the eyes of hundreds of Joes, each on of them fighting their own battles. I have a list of songs to sing and a band ready to play. I am ready to do the job I was asked to do. 

And then I hear His voice. 

Not Joe's, not my own. His. The voice of the One that spoke the world into existence. The voice of the One who calmed the storm and eased the fear of the disciples. The voice of the One who said, "I have overcome the world." 

It's not loud or aggressive, it's quiet and gentle. 

Quietly, he speaks to me. "They don't need to hear your voice, Ben. They need to hear mine." 

His voice. 

The Psalmist spoke about the voice of The Lord in Psalm 29. 

The voice of the Lord is over the waters; 
the God of glory thunders, 
the Lord thunders over the mighty waters. 
The voice of the Lord is powerful; 
the voice of the Lord is majestic. 
The voice of the Lord breaks the cedars; 
the Lord breaks in pieces the cedars of Lebanon. 
He makes Lebanon leap like a calf, 
Sirion like a young wild ox. 
The voice of the Lord strikes 
with flashes of lightning. 
The voice of the Lord shakes the desert; 
the Lord shakes the Desert of Kadesh. 
The voice of the Lord twists the oaks 
and strips the forests bare. 
And in his temple all cry, “Glory!” 
Psalm 29:3-9 

Joe doesn't need to hear my voice this morning. He needs to hear the voice of God, the voice that changes everything. 

I have only one job this morning. It's not to "wow" them with my talent. It's not to perform a flawless rendition of someone else's song. It's not to fulfill the "music/worship" part of the service. 

No, I am not here to add to the noise. My job is to create an environment so rich with the presence of God that all the noise ceases and the only thing that Joe can hear is "His" voice. 

Joe doesn't need to hear another song. Joe doesn't need to hear another sermon. Joe needs to hear the voice of the God who passionately, relentlessly pursues him. He needs to hear the voice of God. 

So today I have one job. It's not to be noticed, it's actually to be forgotten. To do my job so well that people walk away only with the remembrance of Jesus. 

To be continued . . . 

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Ben Woodward

Ben Woodward (Guest Writer)

Ben is an Australian bred singer/songwriter and worship leader that writes poignant and impacting songs about life and spirituality. Blurring the lines between singer/songwriter, rock and pop, Ben navigates the musical waters with soaring, intense vocals and driving, catchy melodies. These days he can be found in Roseville, CA, with his wife and three children, primarily serving as the Worship Pastor at The Rock of Roseville. His new EP entitled "This Beautiful Life" will drop on May 1, 2014.