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Worship Leader - Why You Should Be Forgotten (Part 3)

Worship Leader - Why You Should Be Forgotten (Part 3)

By Ben Woodward on April 23, 2014

(This is Part 3 of a 3 part series. If you haven't read Part 1 & 2, we encourage you to read them first: Part 1 & Part 2.)

It's easy at times to forget why we do what we do as worship leaders. 

There is the immediate need of providing a time of musical worship for a weekend service. There is the desire to present a certain type of quality and excellence that people have come to expect from worship times. We have the disadvantage of being compared to "professional" worship groups due to the proliferation of YouTube videos and live streaming. We wrestle with competing voices in our local churches that either love what we do or criticize what we do. 

But all of these things must take a back seat to the real reason for what we do. We are to provide a place where Joe can hear God's voice. 

I love the light. If I turn the light on in a dark room, the darkness is gone. It doesn't fight it, it doesn't complain about it, it doesn't wrestle for control. It is gone. 

When we lift up our voices in worship, we are turning on the light. We create an atmosphere where darkness has no place. The noise ceases. Joe now has an opportunity to hear the voice of God. 

I don't have control over how Joe responds to that voice, I am just trying to give him an opportunity to hear it. It might be the only chance he has all week to hear God's voice in his life. This 30 minutes of singing may be the only time that things get quiet enough in Joe's life that he can actually listen. 

The last thing I want to do is distract Joe from hearing God's voice. But often we do. In fact, I fear we are becoming too distracting. 

I am all for great lighting, interesting video, quality sound and dynamic worship. I am all for interesting songs and creative musicianship. The moment that it becomes a distraction, however, I want to burn it all to the ground. 

We are not on stage to be remembered. We are on stage to be forgotten. All we are required to do create a place that Joe can hear God's voice and then get the heck out of the way. In the jostling for position that far too often happens among worship leaders, I want to challenge you to do what Jesus asked us to do. 

"He sat down and called the twelve apostles. He told them, "Whoever wants to be the most important person must take the last place and be a servant to everyone else." Mark 9:35 

We have one job as worship leaders. To serve every Joe that walks in our doors and give him the chance to hear the voice of the God who loves him. We are not there to promote our songs or CDs. We are not there prove how skillful we are or how well we can imitate the latest worship hit. 

We are there to be forgotten.

(Image courtesy of ShiftWorship.com)

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Ben Woodward

Ben Woodward (Guest Writer)

Ben is an Australian bred singer/songwriter and worship leader that writes poignant and impacting songs about life and spirituality. Blurring the lines between singer/songwriter, rock and pop, Ben navigates the musical waters with soaring, intense vocals and driving, catchy melodies. These days he can be found in Roseville, CA, with his wife and three children, primarily serving as the Worship Pastor at The Rock of Roseville. His new EP entitled "This Beautiful Life" will drop on May 1, 2014.