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Worship: Ready or Not Here it Comes

Worship: Ready or Not Here it Comes

By Admin on April 08, 2015

In this article, Craig Dunnagan (Executive Director, Gateway Create Publishing), shares some great tips on how to start our worship services in a way that engages the people we lead at a pace they can handle. He reminds worship leaders that not everyone is ready to jump in to the upbeat worship song you have chosen to start the morning off with as soon as they make it to their seats.

Craig wisely points out that, "Few of the people we love to lead in musical worship are ready to join with us the moment they walk into the doors. Most are just hoping and praying to get there on time."

He puts it into perspective saying, "For many people, Sunday morning is another logistical challenge to be slotted in to a weekend of yard work, house work, home work and whatever other work didn’t get completed in the week. While people might want to be ready to worship, we all need a little help transitioning away from the world of tasks and to-do lists, away from the hassle of loading the kids into the car and herding them into the building on time and into the realm of God."

With that said, Craig shares six great tips to help those you lead get ready for worship:

  1. Think about spending time among the people in the lobby, seats or pews. Let them see you saying hello, shaking hands and greeting them. When the music starts they see a fellow worshipper and not a “personality” on stage. This is not practical for every church but there are expressions of this that will work at different times during the week or life of the church.

  2. Normal people don't do vocal warm ups in the car on the way to church. I know there are proven techniques of "gathering" songs (the songs everyone knows). But that still assumes a work-wearied believer can actually go from "zero to worship" in 60 seconds or less. Try starting the service with a short refrain of a simple, accessible or classic song or Hymn. You don’t have to sing the entire song but if it’s in the right range and key you can actually transition right from that brief moment to a moment of celebration of God’s greatness and goodness with everyone signing along.

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