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Worship Rock Stars

Worship Rock Stars

By Admin on November 14, 2014

With all the pressures that come along with being a worship leader it's hard to not fall into the so-called "worship rock star" mentality. In a recent article from worshipleader.com, artist and writer, Nick Morrow, shares his thoughts on the subject.

Nick Morrow on the trends in our churches when it comes to worship:

"The church has developed an unhealthy trend in turning our worship leaders into rock stars. I’m convinced we’ve given way too much ground to the unhealthy cultural phenomenon of worshiping celebrities, even within the church. We have our own brand of superstardom. And if we aren’t careful it can become strange, ironic form of idol-worship."

The definition of a "rock star" that Nick gives is not something we want our worship leaders to embody:

"When we think of the stereotypical “rock star,” the word humble doesn’t usually come to mind. More like always late to gigs. Loves being the center of attention. Stares in the mirror for way too long. Gets into fights when someone steps on their ego. Undisciplined and overindulgent."

Nick's thoughts on balancing the tension between our calling and the desire to be liked:

"But the worship leader has a higher calling. Our musical ability, our platform, and our creativity are wonderful tools. We want to perform well and we sure hope our music is entertaining. We want for people to like us. But when we aim to make ourselves the center of attention, we diminish the space for God in our worship services. Like John the Baptist, we simply prepare the way for the Lord. We must become less, and he must become more (John 3:30.) And this works itself out in our daily motivations."

He sums it up with this quote:

"Leading worship with real authenticity comes down to the motivations of our heart."

And adds this truth that stings, but it necessary:

"I’m convinced that the worship leaders that will make the biggest difference are not necessarily the one with the most Twitter followers. They’re the ones that look most like Jesus."

For the rest of Nick's thought's on "worship rock stars," read the full article here

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