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Worship Star by Shekelback - a light-hearted look at the Worship Music Industry

By Admin on August 23, 2010


A word from the creator of this video:

This cheeky comedy version of a well known secular rock track is intended to make you smile, rather than get on your soap box! If you know the original song, it is a cartoon parody of the 'rock star' lifestyle through the eyes of a wannabe - this is takes that idea and applies it to the worship industry i.e. it doesn't tell it like it is, it is a cartoon parody of how many wannabes perceive their life will be if they become a famous worship leader. It's about the wannabes NOT about worship leaders or famous Christian bands. Just want to make that clear before I get a barrage of complaints from worship leaders!! Here's the story behind the song...

I wrote the lyrics after meeting some kids after a show by my rock band in Bristol, UK. They said they were in a band. I asked them - So are you a rock band like us, or do you do praise and worship? Their reply took me by surprise. They said - Oh definitely worship; our youth leader told us that if we want to be famous and make a lot of money, we need to be a worship band.


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