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Misty Edwards - Little Bird [Review]

By Mathew Reames 0 Comment(s)

For those of you who have not heard of Misty Edwards, allow me to give you a little context. Misty is one of the founding worship leaders of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City. She h... Read more »

Sovereign Grace Music - Prepare Him Room [Review]

By Jake Richards 0 Comment(s)

Prepare Him Room, a mixture of traditional Christmas songs and original material celebrating the birth of Jesus in song, is the latest project to come from the talented team at Sovereign Grace Mus... Read more »

Louie Giglio - Waiting Here For You: An Advent Journey Of Hope [Book Review]

By Jolie Ozbun 0 Comment(s)

With the busy season of Christmas upon us, it is so hard to keep our minds focused on the most pivotal moment in history, the birth of Christ. I enjoy all the festivities surrounding the holidays:... Read more »

Elevation Worship - Wake Up The Wonder [Review]

By Chris Olson 0 Comment(s)

So, you want some new modern worship, you say? Is that what you want? Well, we may have just the thing for you! Wake Up the Wonder is the new live worship album from Elevation Worship. Elevation W... Read more »

Citizens & Saints - Join The Triumph [Review]

By Glenn Stout 0 Comment(s)

Seattle-based band, Citizens & Saints are back with their sophomore release, Join The Triumph. Less than two years after their self-titled debut Citizens, they re-emerge on the Christian ... Read more »

The Human Right – Songs For Justice [Review]

By Adam Hellyer 0 Comment(s)

From the opening track to the last, the message of The Human Right, Songs For Justice rings out clear: there is hope and His Name is Jesus. Born from a desire to “tell every boy and girl in ... Read more »

Worship Central - Set Apart [Review]

By Mathew Reames 0 Comment(s)

In case you didn’t know, Worship Central is a school to train worship leaders in the heart of London, England. Tim Hughes, who is a respected worship leader with many great modern worship so... Read more »

CentricWorship - Come Alive [Review]

By Jolie Ozbun 0 Comment(s)

Centricity Publishing is nestled in the beautiful town of Franklin, just on the outskirts of Nashville, Tennessee, which is a place that is rich in the autumn season with its ever-changing hues of... Read more »

Kim Walker-Smith - When Christmas Comes [Review]

By Joel Paul 0 Comment(s)

Christmas approaches. In addition to gifts such as toys or televisions, Christmas delivers memories: memories of my childhood, and memories made as I’ve watched my own children grow up. Kim ... Read more »

Kings Kaleidoscope - Becoming Who We Are [Review]

By Joel Paul 0 Comment(s)

Normally I do not like to use the following word to describe an album, but I have no choice. Kings Kaleidoscope’s Becoming Who We Are has VIBE. A fantastic vibe. This album sounds smooth, cl... Read more »