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Thoughts From a Pastoral Team Strategist

By Michael King 0 Comment(s)

When I started my ministry career 18 years ago, I never thought I would ever type the title of this entry: Thoughts from a Pastoral Team Strategist. I definitely wasn’t desiring to fill... Read more »

The Heart Behind The Hustle

By Meagan Newell 0 Comment(s)

Ladies and gentlemen, fellow worship leaders, pastors, and the like… There is a looming presence beckoning our attention as we ease our way into the Spring season. For some, it comes as a f... Read more »

The Perfect Easter Set List

By Erica Boutwell 0 Comment(s)

*** SPOILER ALERT! You will not find that list here, but you will find what hopefully will be some thought-provoking tips on putting yours together and even some resources to help in the process... Read more »

Put this in Your Easter Basket

By Madison Farren 0 Comment(s)

I still pick out an Easter dress. While I am well past the age of ruffles and bows (mostly), it is a tradition that I just can’t bring myself to discard. It’s the last of these kinds o... Read more »

Not Your Grandma’s Lent

By Erica Boutwell 0 Comment(s)

A few months ago I wrote a very personally challenging article about pursuing a life of radical holiness in an extremely unholy world. You can read the full post here. In it I explore a common the... Read more »

Honk if You Love Jesus

By Meagan Newell 0 Comment(s)

If I had to choose one thing that holds me back from accomplishing my purpose, it is that vicious little vixen we like to call “comparison.” As a woman, I have found upon confession t... Read more »

Majesty In A Manger

By Admin 0 Comment(s)

In many ways, there was nothing particularly special about the baby or the birth. That poverty, that narrowly-averted scandal when Mary fell pregnant, that greeting party of those social misfits (... Read more »

The Powerful Act of Honoring Your Seniors

By Admin 0 Comment(s)

I recently took on a new position leading worship in a small church on the outskirts of Nashville. They are good people and there are a lot of great things happening in those church walls. However... Read more »

5 Practical Ways Michael Farren Gets Musically Inspired

By Admin 0 Comment(s)

To say that Michael Farren is one of today’s top songwriters is a bit of an understatement. Besides penning “Let It Rain” which has sold a mere 2 million copies, been translated ... Read more »

The Best Little Sunday Christmas Morning

By Admin 0 Comment(s)

Have you heard the news? Christmas IS ON A SUNDAY this year! It doesn’t happen again till 2022 and then again in 2033,2039 and 2050. But like it or not, it’s a reality in the here and ... Read more »