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The Worship Podcast (Episode 16): Should Worship Leaders Be Pastors? - Dustin Smith & James Galbraith

By The Worship Podcast 0 Comment(s)

On this episode of The Worship Podcast, Dustin & James talk funny stories from leading worship, break down what community really means in a team environment, and do we really know how to do it... Read more »

Sons or Servants?

By James Galbraith 0 Comment(s)

Who are you really? I had a moment recently when I had to ask myself what God was telling ME to do. Me! Not what He was telling others to do, or telling others to tell me to do, but what was He t... Read more »

The Worship Podcast (Episode 14): The Dangers of Isolation - Michael Farren

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Today's podcast is a car ride talk with one of our favorite people in the world - Michael Farren.  We're talking about the dangers of isolation ... it's a sneaky weapon of the enemy uses (man... Read more »

Humble Entitlement

By Erica Boutwell 0 Comment(s)

Alright friends . . . we’re about to get real personal here. It’s not something I am proud of, but it’s also something that I’m confident I’m not alone in. I’... Read more »

Always Be Chasing

By Garner McGregor 0 Comment(s)

In a world where people chase fads, originality is hard to come by. Whether it’s music, fashion, or even the words we say, people are always chasing things to remain relevant.   T... Read more »

The Worship Podcast (Episode 13): Position or the People - Dustin Smith & James Galbraith

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Today's podcast is a sit down with the hosts of All About Worship, Dustin Smith & James Galbraith, talking about the important of valuing people, over the titles or positions we hold.  Go... Read more »

People Or Position

By Dustin Smith 0 Comment(s)

I don't know if you have ever been on a 15-hour flight with 8 and 13-year-old boys, but that is where I found myself a couple weeks ago.  I had been invited to minister at a conference in A... Read more »

The Worship Podcast (Episode 11): People Over Platform - Krissy Nordhoff & Amanda Blankenship

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On today's podcast, we're sitting down with some powerful women in the faith - Krissy Nordhoff and Amanda Blankenship.  We're talking about an important subject for church leaders in general,... Read more »

Where Is Your Gaze?

By Scott Ingegneri 0 Comment(s)

Worship in a vibrant Christian community was not anything new to me. I grew up in a church that had powerful worship experiences. I started leading worship when I was 15 years old.  I alw... Read more »

What Were You Expecting? - Lessons From A Worship Leader

By James Galbraith 0 Comment(s)

Practical time. Yep, this will be short and sweet but it changed the way I view people and how I now develop teams that can actively work together no matter their background, age or race. ... Read more »